Inspired by the best barbers and French cosmetic genius.

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Trousse de toilette en denim bleu de la marque 'Monsieur Barbier' avec une étiquette visible sur le devant affichant le nom de la marque. Vue latérale d'une trousse de toilette en denim bleu avec fermeture éclair jaune et étiquette de la marque 'Monsieur BARBIER' visible.

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Lotion Avant Rasage pour Homme par Monsieur BARBIER - de face Lotion Avant Rasage pour Homme par Monsieur BARBIER - photo de présentation

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Tube de crème de rasage Monsieur BARBIER BETTER SHAVE avec design épuré, affichant des extraits d'Arnica, de Cyprès et de Gingembre, étiquette bleue et blanche, certifié Eco Cert Cosmos Natural, devant un fond neutre. Crème de rasage Monsieur BARBIER BETTER SHAVE devant un tableau noir avec des craies, la boussole tracée suggérant la précision et l'orientation claire du produit, emballage bleu vif avec des éléments graphiques blancs.

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Blaireau de Barbier pour Homme par Monsieur BARBIER - de face Blaireau de Barbier pour Homme par Monsieur BARBIER - utilisation

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Boîte ronde en métal contenant du savon de rasage Monsieur BARBIER BETTER SHAVE, étiquette supérieure affichant "Savon de rasage", "Made in France", et les ingrédients clés comme le Beurre de Karité et l’Huile de Noix de Coco, le tout sur un fond bleu clair. Image détaillant la texture crémeuse du savon de rasage Monsieur BARBIER BETTER SHAVE dans sa boîte métallique, mettant en avant l'aspect naturel et riche du produit.

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Boîte ronde de savon de rasage Monsieur BARBIER BLACK EDITION, vue de dessus, 150 ml, made in France, certifié bio, avec un parfum cuir et tonka. Texture crémeuse blanche du savon de rasage Monsieur BARBIER BETTER EDITION, bio, présentée dans une boîte métallique ouverte.

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Baume Après Rasage pour Homme par Monsieur BARBIER - de face Baume Après Rasage pour Homme par Monsieur BARBIER - zoom sur le tube

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Emballage de pierre d'alun Monsieur BARBIER, avec indications d'usage après-rasage et déodorant naturel, présentation des ingrédients et certifications sur fond rose. Dos de l'emballage de la pierre d'alun Monsieur BARBIER, avec une devinette et les instructions détaillées et composition en plusieurs langues, sur un fond rose uniforme.

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Gift card - Monsieur BARBIER Gift card - Monsieur BARBIER

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Did you know ? 🧐

To make your shave a real facial treatment

Does shaving your beard hurt, sting and irritate? Or in the best case scenario, is it an obligatory step that we would like to forget? Not with Monsieur BARBIER's shaving products for men, which combine pleasure and care at each stage of shaving. Here's how to reproduce the traditional shaving ritual in your bathroom:

Soften your skin and hair with PREPA-SHAVE pre-shave lotion to prevent irritation, cuts and ingrown hairs. This often neglected step will save shaving rough beards and/or very sensitive skin.

Equipped with your favorite razor, trim your beard with BETTER-SHAVE cream with protective and anti-irritation effects. And don't hesitate to massage your skin well during application, to wake it up and lift the hair before passing the blade. This small gesture allows for much better skin preparation than using shaving gel or shaving foam. Of course, for lovers of tradition, the shaving brush that you will find in our shaving boxes will enhance your shaving session, making it a moment of pleasure in its own right.

Finally, soothe and relieve your skin with EXTRA-SHAVE aftershave balm with hyaluronic acid and tiger grass extracts, an exclusive active ingredient known for years for its strong healing power, which will ensure instant recovery in case of irritation or microcut!

You can find each ingredient of this ritual on sale or in our BARBIER RITUAL shaving box. Our bestseller at Monsieur BARBIER!

Real beauty products for men

Discover our natural, effective and sensory formulas, made in France and Belgium in our workshops or in partnership with the best manufacturers. A Monsieur BARBIER shaving product also includes natural active ingredients, chosen by our pharmacist, for their incredible properties that are not found in any other shaving care for men.

Because at Monsieur BARBIER, we are convinced that we must not separate care from hygiene, and that we do not take care of our skin a few times a year in a spa, but every day in our room bath. Especially since the natural exfoliation linked to shaving procedures constitutes a care gesture in its own right, if it is well executed, to the point that renowned American actresses shave once or twice a year, not to get rid of of incongruous hairs, but because they give shaving quite a few virtues! This is what we call at Barbier, “Barber-style shaving treatment”.

This is also why we do not consider shaving products as a field of expression for crazy chemists, fans of fluorescent blue and substances that are not always very good for the skin... Because skin capital, that talks, and with his beautiful formulas, Mr. BARBIER puts his own effort into it. Moreover, he has nothing to hide and reveals his entire glossary to you in a dedicated section of this site, and all his work in his Barbier blog.

Your opinion matters a lot to us

We have improved our formulas with each production batch, following your feedback, your desires and your suggestions. It's not always easy, but each effort was crowned by your enthusiasm and encouragement, so we're not about to stop! Especially since we are convinced that by integrating all our customers into the “BARBIER team”, we will succeed in doing what no other brand of shaving care for men has done to date. World champions !

And to avoid spoiling anything, we’re not hiding anything from you! Soon, in a complete glossary of all the ingredients that make our formulas so wonderful, our pharmacist will explain to you why we chose each component to meet each expectation. That’s clean beauty! Do not hesitate to visit our blog from time to time to find out more about this unique approach to transparency in the world when it comes to men's cosmetics.