The French male grooming expert

Since 2013, this young French brand of shaving, hairdressing and facial care products for men has conquered the hearts and toiletries of men by combining innovation, pleasure and naturalness, in the joy and taste of excellence, to the point of becoming THE French brand of reference in terms of male grooming.

Male grooming, what is it?

French male grooming

Male grooming, what is it?

French male grooming

Male grooming is everything a man needs in his bathroom, from the first shower spray to the last comb. For some it's about looking good, for others it's about well-being, and for still others it's a matter of tradition. For us... well it's all of that at once!

French Touch Barber vs US Barbershop? Quite far from the tattoo-leather-gomina atmosphere of Anglo-Saxon barber shops, Monsieur BARBIER perpetuates the heritage of the French hairdresser-barber (or more generally the Latin barber) who takes equal care of dermo-capillary health of its customers, only their style and their good humor! Because we little know it, but in France, master barbers have long also been doctors. Subsequently, the lounges became places of frank conviviality, time for a little coffee before leaving for work. It is to rediscover these little everyday pleasures that Monsieur BARBIER brings back to life French Touch-style men's skincare!

Men are also entitled to premium care!

Men are also entitled to premium care!

To amaze you every morning, Monsieur BARBIER has called on the best of French cosmetic genius - because yes, France is also the world champion in formulation! - in order to concoct a complete range of natural products, delivered with professional advice.

From shaving to facial care, including pampering your beard and hair, all our cosmetic products are designed in Nîmes and Paris, with the greatest respect for traditions, and at the same time, at the cutting edge of technology. innovation !

Did you know a lot about aftershave treatments that are also (really) anti-aging? A beautiful 2-in-1 beard & hair shampoo? Or a pre-shave product that truly changes the lives of men with sensitive skin? From the depths of the Cévennes where our incredible soaps are made, to the top of Pas-de-Calais which makes our product boxes (with Braille included, to exclude no one), via our neighbors and friends in Belgium and Italy , we call on the best in their specialties, to be sure to obtain the best quality: BARBIER quality!

Little secret Barber

To offer formulation and ingredient qualities worthy of the biggest brands, but at lower prices, Monsieur BARBIER's team demonstrates ingenuity every day at all stages: flat tubes for sending by mail (for not to make you pay for an unnecessary package), local production and calculated to the millimeter to avoid any waste, sale with a minimum of intermediaries... Every detail counts to serve you best!

Natural yes, never boring

Getting dolled up without getting damaged isn't rocket science, it's... BARBER!

Natural yes, never boring

Getting dolled up without getting damaged isn't rocket science, it's... BARBER!

Between us gentlemen, aren't you fed up with products with synthetic odors and dubious compositions? Do you want to go back to nature, with healthy formulas that preserve your beauty capital?

We do too, which is why Monsieur BARBIER has rethought the design of products for men in order to imagine the most natural products possible, by carefully choosing each ingredient and each active ingredient, for an uncompromising balance between effectiveness, sensoriality and naturalness. Natural, yes, but not at the expense of style or pleasure

In this approach, Monsieur BARBIER is one of the only brands for men to be members of COSMEBIO and subject to ECOCERT audits, for its Cosmos Nat labeled products. And all of our products are free from controversial ingredients, or ingredients of animal origin. Not even hurt !

Did you know that our Full Care oil was the first beard oil in the world to receive the Cosmos Organic label? In addition to being the first dry oil in its category, we will let you discover the benefits for yourselves.

Let's write the rest together!

All barbers

Driven by your super positive feedback, we take into account all your opinions and regularly reformulate our products to always be as close as possible to your desires. And of course, most of our new products were suggested to us by customers and friends. Afterwards, Mr. BARBIER slips in a little of his magic, and that’s it!

Besides, aside from the sheep, we will soon be able to fall asleep while counting the versions of our BETTER-SHAVE shaving cream! We are already on the fifth version, exquisite and creamy, but we will go as far as V6 to obtain the Cosmos Nat label and integrate your latest suggestions. Better shave than sorry!

Transparency is trendy!

And what's more, we like it, because you are our best partners, that's why we play our cards on a clean slate.

As for the ancestral techniques allowing you to master perfect grooming, like a badger shaolin? Well, we reveal them all to you, too, starting with our first tutorial on the art of shaving in 10 key points. And that's just the beginning !

Our partners

All together, we are living the Monsieur BARBIER adventure to the fullest, more determined than ever to become the number one male grooming brand in the world! Yes, we are like that, we like challenges. And at our side, we can trust the best partners who have been with us since the beginning.

Savoirs des Peuples, the organic and sensory expert, with whom we develop our unique, healthy and ultra-clean formulas. This Aleso-Parisian laboratory and its amazing team imagine these effective, sensory and innovative products with us, while keeping a green thumb!

Cosmébio, the benchmark for organic and natural cosmetics, which helps us build a world more respectful of the planet. And more particularly Ecocert which assures our customers the quality of impeccable information and eco-design of the field at home!

The Cosmétitheque, an institution, a crazy and beautiful project at the same time, which carries out the heavy task of establishing the encyclopedia of cosmetics, and of recording the past in order to better design the future, with the brilliant Jean at its head. -Claude Le Joliff. To consume without moderation !

Thanks to the audits and advice provided by Ecocert, we have our products certified according to the COSMOS NATURAL standard, a first in men's beauty!

Thank you to BPI France, Montpellier / Occitanie branch, for supporting our start-up in all key moments, ranging from feasibility studies towards ever cleaner and more natural formulations, to supporting our growth towards new markets.

Our workshop located in Nîmes allowed us to benefit from the support of the Occitanie region in the development of natural cosmetics for men.

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