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Choose your ally for an ideal shave, from our BARBER or COMPATIBLE* models (Mach3© and Fusion©) via the purchase of a shaving kit or a tailor-made subscription.

Lames de rasoir l'ambitieux - kit

3 blade model - BARBER

7 Reviews

Lames de rasoir le président - kit


26 Reviews

Kit de rasage CHALLENGER - 3 lames


11 Reviews

Kit de rasage l'Explorer -manche et lames


30 Reviews


Your refills finally available separately!

Single purchase or subscription
(without commitment but with reduction)


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Your blades by subscription, and without obligation!

Shaving will never be razor-sharp again with Monsieur BARBIER's shaving subscription. Choose the plan and pace that suits you, with the freedom to change and cancel at any time with one click. Quickly take advantage of our superb razors, much nicer than the usual supermarket razors, combined with their high-performance, anti-irritation blades!

Sensitive skin also likes high precision.

Enjoy a close shave, with the high-quality steel blades and their Aloe Vera strips for unique softness with each pass. Choose your 3 or 5 blade refills according to your desires, to attach to the pivoting head of the Ambitieux or President handles, with an ecological and ergonomic design, with as always, the guarantee of BARBIER quality and after-sales service to all standards, for share with you the secrets of the perfect shave, or to answer any questions about your razor subscription.

Let's save sensitive skin!

The most sensitive and demanding skin types will also find morning happiness with us! Discover the Challenger and its exclusive anti-irritation technology. Its 3 Mach 3 compatible HD blades ensure a shave worthy of the greatest, while being comfortable and gentle, with maximum safety. Finally, its old school handle inspired by the elegance of traditional shaving will look great in your bathroom, alongside your BARBIER shaving brush and your shaving bowl.

Want a shave without blemishes or bobos?

And if the art of shaving is still a little vague for you, or you have lots of questions about shaving in mind that you've never asked anyone before: sign up for our free online shaving courses , to receive a new tip every week to become the phoenix of the hosts of these woods! Launched in 2017, and regularly improved following feedback from our customers, this little shaving course was a great success with thousands of registrants, and to not spoil anything, we included quite a few jokes and winks. eye, BARBER style.

Your opinion matters a lot to us

We have improved our formulas with each production batch, following your feedback, your desires and your suggestions. It's not always easy, but each effort was crowned by your enthusiasm and encouragement, so we're not about to stop! Especially since we are convinced that by integrating all our customers into the “BARBIER team”, we will succeed in doing what no other brand of shaving care for men has done to date. World champions !

And to avoid spoiling anything, we’re not hiding anything from you! Soon, in a complete glossary of all the ingredients that make our formulas so wonderful, our pharmacist will explain to you why we chose each component to meet each expectation. That’s clean beauty! Do not hesitate to visit our blog from time to time to find out more about this unique approach to transparency in the world when it comes to men's cosmetics.