Sensitive skin, irritation, or ingrowing hair after each shave?

🎁 We have a gift for you 🎁

"Let's save sensitive skin!"

"Let's save sensitive skin!"

Is shaving hell for you?
It is not a fatality, and it is our domain!

We have put together the 10 golden rules of shaving, mixing tips, professional advice, and scientific results.


You will finally master the ancestral art of shaving without itching, without cuts, and without any other problems, like a great master barber!

68% of men define themselves as having "sensitive skin", and 49% declare that they cannot shave... Are you one of them? 🤯

(New Work Tayme survey).

In reality, the vast majority simply do not do the right gestures... That's why we're offering this free shaving manual! 🥳

We created it to save shaving for sensitive skin, and to transmit the art of traditional shaving. You will also find answers to existential questions (do you shave in the right direction or against the grain?), jokes to die for (or not?), and even tips to save money.

These 10 golden rules have already saved the shaving of dozens of ex-sensitive skin. Now it's your turn! 🪒

You will receive these rules one by one, once a week, with each time: the checklist (4 or 5 steps to take action); the why and how (scientific explanations); the Nec Plus Ultra (little extras that make the difference) & the Mnemotechnics (little wink to remember everything!)