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💭 For a shave as soft as a warm croissant

Pre-shave lotion - PREPA SHAVE - 75mL

Certified COSMOS NATURAL by Ecocert Greenlife

Vegan formula with 100% of ingredients of naural origin

THE solution for shaving sensitive skin

Prevents irritations and ingrown hair

👩‍🔬💬 | As the barbers say: A well-prepared beard is an already half-shaven one! That's why a pre-shave is THE solution for shaving sensitive skin and for those rough mornings!

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🧑‍🏫 Utilisation

Splash your face with warm water, for example, when you are done showering. Apply to your damp skin, massaging lightly into your sleepy face. Let it penetrate for 1 to 2 minutes (take the opportunity to brush your teeth). That's it, let's go for a smooth shave!

P.S : si vous souhaitez approfondir le sujet, découvrez gratuitement nos incroyables cours de soin !

💈Le plus BARBIER

As a good day begins with a good breakfast, a successful shave requires real preparation! That's why Monsieur BARBIER's pre-shave lotion puts a protective film on the epidermis and softens the hair before the razor blade's passage. 

Sensitive skin? Wake it up gently!

🧪 Formulation

Its formula enriched with vitamin C and caffeine awaken and tones the skin by stimulating microcirculation to make it much less irritated, while zinc PCA helps fight against skin issues. With 100% of the ingredients of natural origin, the rest comes from advanced research in active dermatology. Free of parabens, silicones, and animal derivatives. Certified COSMOS NATURAL by Ecocert Greenlife.

🌱 Ingrédients (INCI)

Aqua (Water), Glycerin, Caprylic/Capric triglyceride, Coco-caprylate, Pentylene glycol, Cetearyl alcohol, Sodium stearoyl glutamate, Xanthan gum, Caffeine, Ascorbyl palmitate, Zinc PCA, Citric acid, Tocopherol.

Retrouvez tous nos ingrédients dans notre "🌱Glossaire" !

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Pre-shave lotion - PREPA SHAVE - 75mL





"Goal: Zero irritation! Its formula enriched with vitamin C and caffeine awaken and tones the skin by stimulating microcirculation to make it much less irritated, while zinc PCA ensures an antibacterial action, and prevents the development of skin problems."



Apply a small amount on your face, and let it sit until the lotion softens the beard hair, thus facilitating the cut, during the blade's passage.



This lotion places a protective film on the epidermis, to soften the blade's contact with your skin, and thus avoid any redness or irritation. Goodbye razor burns!

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Pre-shave, a key step!

Waking up is hard? So it is for your skin! Give it a dose of caffeine to prepare it for shaving. This will wake up the skin and activate the microcirculation, to limit the risk of cuts on still-sleepy skin, which would be awakened by a razor blade! The smoother it is, the more it glides. A little Vitamin C provides energy, and it is recharged for the day. A real balanced breakfast for healthy skin.

Zinc PCA, a purifying anti-seborrheic agent, regulates sebum production while limiting bacterial infections due to micro-cuts and ingrown hairs.

Finally, its exclusive COSMOS NATURAL certified formula softens the epidermis, preparing it for the blade's passage, without damaging it. The solution for a smooth shave, without cuts or irritations!

How does a pre-shave work?

At the barbershop, a hot towel or steam will be applied to your face to open the pores and make the hair easier to cut. At home, spray your face with hot water for a good start. Then apply a dab of PREPA-SHAVE pre-shave lotion to a dry face, without forgetting the neck!

In one or two minutes, its super-protection is activated. The secret? It covers the epidermis with an invisible, ultra-thin, yet super-resistant film for unparalleled protection, and it softens the hair before your razor blade passes through. Find more tips in our free weekly shaving classes and on Monsieur BARBIER's blog!

Happy routine!

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See you soon for the coolest and greenest morning routine!

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prepa shave

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ca glisse

preparation au rasage ideal.

Bon produit?

Bon produit je ne sais pas car j ai commander deux produits sur les deux j ai reçu après rasage mais pas l avant rasage qui mon était facturé j ai envoyé un mail y a 2 jours et aucune nouvelle je suis déçu payer deux produits et en avoir reçu que un !!!

Selvi Simone
Ottimo prodotto

A differenza dei soliti prodotti pre-rasatura in crema questo è molto liquido e all'inizio pensavo che mi avrebbe protetto meno. Invece forse proprio la sua fluidità fa sì che una volta insaponato il volto, il rasoio scivoli meglio e non si "impasti" la lama che così continua a radere perfettamente. Decisamente un ottimo acquisto!