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Trousse de toilette en denim bleu de la marque 'Monsieur Barbier' avec une étiquette visible sur le devant affichant le nom de la marque. Vue latérale d'une trousse de toilette en denim bleu avec fermeture éclair jaune et étiquette de la marque 'Monsieur BARBIER' visible.

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Dentifrice Sweet Tooth par Monsieur BARBIER de face Dentifrice Sweet Tooth par Monsieur BARBIER de près

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Crème pour mains Hand Check par Monsieur BARBIER - de face Crème pour mains Hand Check par Monsieur BARBIER - de près

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Concentrated deodorant - ARM PEACE - 15mL Concentrated deodorant - ARM PEACE - 15mL

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Personal hygiene, in a few words.

We can never tell you enough the importance of adopting good personal hygiene. And if the first gestures are adopted from a very young age, it is because there is a reason. Indeed, failing to take care of yourself could have consequences on your daily health, such as causing the development of certain illnesses (skin problems, dental problems, etc.). This is why it is particularly recommended to wash your skin daily, as well as your hands several times a day, in order to minimize the proliferation of bacteria and bad odors, or to brush your teeth twice. three times a day to limit any risk of developing oral diseases.

Since our creation (which dates back to 2013), we have developed numerous ranges of products to make men's daily lives easier, but above all so that they can take care of themselves with joy and good humor. Shaving, facial care, beard & hair care or even styling, all the products to take care of your hair and your skin have been available for several years now. But one category of products was missing from the call, that of hygiene products. So, it was our duty to create new products that were as innovative as they were effective to make every day more pleasant, and so that you could start and end the day in the most pleasant way. Effective, natural, vegan and certified products, perfect for complementing your barber routine!

Your daily routine for good hygiene!

After getting up fresh and taking a shower, don't forget to apply deodorant to your armpits. You may think that your morning wash will be enough to keep your armpits clean throughout the day, but know that it will not prevent the production of perspiration and the possible development of some bad odors. Your barber likes to advise you. This is why we recommend that you do not skip this step! So, take a dab of ARM PEACE concentrated deodorant, and apply it to all of your armpits. You will see, with the latter, comfort is assured, and odors neutralized!


Once the coffee is hot and you have had a good breakfast, head to the bathroom to brush your teeth! Arm yourself with your toothbrush and apply a dab of SWEET TOOTH toothpaste. In addition to eliminating any food residue and preventing the formation of dental plaque, it brings whiteness and shine to your smile, while boosting the mineralization of your teeth. Added to this is a gentle scent of peppermint to guarantee long-lasting fresh breath.


Hands are truly magical tools, which are very often exposed to everyday dangers. It is therefore important to take care of them and hydrate them well. That's where our HAND CHECK hand cream comes in. The combination of sweet almond oil and shea butter nourishes the skin while calming irritation, and tiger nut oil fights against dehydration. Beautiful, soft hands are what awaits you!

Your opinion matters a lot to us

We have improved our formulas with each production batch, following your feedback, your desires and your suggestions. It's not always easy, but each effort was crowned by your enthusiasm and encouragement, so we're not about to stop! Especially since we are convinced that by integrating all our customers into the “BARBIER team”, we will succeed in doing what no other brand of shaving care for men has done to date. World champions !

And to avoid spoiling anything, we’re not hiding anything from you! Soon, in a complete glossary of all the ingredients that make our formulas so wonderful, our pharmacist will explain to you why we chose each component to meet each expectation. That’s clean beauty! Do not hesitate to visit our blog from time to time to find out more about this unique approach to transparency in the world when it comes to men's cosmetics.