Define your style, without betraying your true nature.

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Natural styling for men

Monsieur BARBIER takes care of your skin with clean and natural products. Why should it be any different with your hair? Discover great styling products from your favorite barber. Balm, matte cream, shiny wax, light or stronghold, there's something for every taste and every hair!

Of course, all these exclusive formulas are certified COSMOS NATURAL and vegan, with the utmost respect for your mane. After completing your beard and hair care routine with Monsieur BARBIER's FULL CARE products, express your artistic talents with the natural styling range for men, specially designed to discipline your hair assets without ever drying them out or damaging them.

Hairstyling tools at full speed!!

The FINAL TOUCH beard & hair brush is ideal for detangling long hair. Its natural sandalwood handle guarantees you an optimal grip and a very pleasant touch! In accordance with its vegan commitments, Monsieur BARBIER has designed this brush with high-quality synthetic bristles, to prove that cruelty-free does not necessarily mean sensory-free!

The double-sided comb for beard & hair is all bearded men's best friend! A close-toothed side for short hair, and a wide-toothed side for long hair, is the secret to a happy, tangle-free beard and hair.

Finally, the FINAL TOUCH beard & hair styling comb is inspired by the traditional African comb, with its long, wide-spaced teeth, perfect for giving a clean shape to your beard or hair, without distorting their natural structure. Finally, this comb comes in handy for making the final touch-ups to your hair creations, even after applying your wax or balm. That's why it bears the proud mane of "FINAL TOUCH"!

Yes to cream & wax!

Natural styling creams and waxes are ideal for providing an effective and natural hold. That's why Monsieur BARBIER offers you its medium hold matte styling cream and strong hold shiny styling wax, to suit all of your styles and desires. Let your creativity speak for itself, without fear of damaging your hair!

TAll our styling products are made in France, natural, vegan and certified Ecocert COSMOS NATURAL. So don't mistreat your hair anymore, and enjoy the combined powers of styling and care, in formulas that are as respectful of your body as they are of the environment.