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💭 Remind to your mane who the master is

Beard & Hair styling comb - FINAL TOUCH

100% natural sandalwood

Double use for beard & hair

Tames the most rebellious manes

A beautifyl object that will never leave you

👩‍🔬💬 | That's a long-teethed comb!

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🧑‍🏫 Usage

Before styling, detangle your hair with a brush or close-teethed comb. If you have a thick or frizzy mane, it is best to do it while the hair is still wet. Once dry, style with your favorite balm or wax, and use the FINAL TOUCH styling comb to guide your hair mass in the right direction. An expert tool for great style!

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💈The most BARBER

Ideal for detangling long beards and frizzy hair, this alluring comb with long, spaced-out teeth lets you properly style your hair without distorting it. Shape your hair in a few simple steps, and correct minor flaws, even after applying your wax or conditioner.

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🧪 Wording

The FINAL TOUCH styling comb is entirely made with 100% natural sandalwood, for an optimal grip and a very pleasant touch. Bonus: its delicate woody scent will gently awaken your senses, every time you style! A very nice object for a great hairstyle!

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Beard & Hair styling comb - FINAL TOUCH





" This beautiful long-toothed comb is perfect for maintaining frizzy hair and thick beards. Master your style to the final touch with a beautiful 100% natural sandalwood tool. Comfort and precision combined for a well-finished look! "



The hand-polished natural sandalwood gives you incredible comfort and a perfect grip. As a bonus, its natural woody scent is a real treat for your senses.



Inspired by its African counterparts, the FINAL TOUCH comb is the ideal tool for straightening frizzy hair and long beards, while respecting its natural shape!

Did you know ? 👇

Sandalwood, it's marvelous!

Monsieur BARBIER's beard & hair styling comb is entirely made of sandalwood. But what is sandalwood? It is a type of wood common to trees of the Santalaceae family, found mainly in India, Nepal, and Australia. Very soft to the touch, it gives off a delicate natural woody scent, which is why it is appreciated in the composition of cabinet-making or in incense.

Its oil is used in the preparation of your favorite cosmetic products, under the name "Santalum album seed oil". Sandalwood oil is well-known in hair care for stimulating the hair growth molecular mechanism, in addition to deeply nourishing the hair. This is why we have included it in our dry oil formula, as well as in our FULL CARE beard & hair shampoo.

The morning road of style

After cleansing your beard & hair with the FULL CARE shampoo, make sure to dry them well. Using your comb, style them in the direction of growth, giving them the desired shape. Once your hair is lined-up, apply two or three drops of FULL CARE dry oil to your beard and hair to add volume and shine while nourishing the scalp.

Finally, add the finishing touch to your style with the FINAL TOUCH wax or styling balm, for a light, natural hold without damaging your well-pampered hair.

Customer Reviews

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Seb Degaugue
Grande surprise pour mes cheveux longs et lisses

J'ai découvert ce peigne chez mon meilleur ami et gros coup de coeur ! En sortant de la douche pour démêler mes cheveux longs/lisses tout en douceur : je ne m'arrache plus les cheveux ! Donc je recommande chaudement pour les cheveux lisses, bien qu'il soit traditionnellement utiliser pour les cheveux afro aha