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💭 The genius accessory!

Magnetic soap dish with suction cup - SOAP MAGNET


Durable and infinitely reusable

Practical and aesthetic in your bathroom

Extends the life of your solid soaps

Leave your bathroom clean

👩‍🔬💬 | “Wow” effect guaranteed for all visitors to your bathroom!

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Magnetic soap dish with suction cup - SOAP MAGNET

How it works ?

1. Moisten the solid product to facilitate step 2

2. Push the capsule into the center of the solid and let it dry

3. Attach the suction cup wherever you want, on a smooth, dry surface

4. Once your product is dry, attach it to the suction cup and enjoy!

Customer Reviews

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Natalia Sertour
Ventouse à savon au top

Vraiment merci c'est génial
Dommage que mon lavabo de cuisine de couleur noir ne veut pas que la ventouse tienne 🤣 mais dans les lavabos blanc c'est génial 🙏