Ascorbyl palmitate

Ascorbyl palmitate is a magic ingredient holding thousands of benefits (and we are not even exaggerating)! But before telling you more about its different functions, let's unravel the name of this active ingredient. It is very simple! Ascorbyl palmitate is an active ingredient obtained from the fusion of two types of acid, ascorbic acid (which you know better as vitamin C) and palmitic acid (which can be found in certain oils, notably palm oil). This active ingredient, therefore, combines, on its own, some of the properties respectively recognized for ascorbic acid and palmitic acid! And why is it so widely used then? Patience, young Padawan, we are getting there! Firstly, ascorbyl palmitate is known to effectively limit cell inflammation, which usually results in skin irritation. Secondly, ascorbyl palmitate promotes the synthesis of collagen present in the skin, thus helping to maintain its firmness and support. It is for these two main reasons that we have selected it to be integrated into the formula of our PREPA-SHAVE pre-shave lotion. As a consequence, the epidermis is well relaxed and firmed up before the blade’s passage, thus limiting potential irritations. Let's finish this explanation by saying that it can also contribute to the regeneration of the skin and the reduction of wrinkles. That's a lot for one active ingredient, isn't it? Ascorbyl palmitate is indeed found in skin care products thanks to the many benefits it provides to the skin, but not only! This active ingredient is also well-known for protecting your products from oxidation. But what does this mean? Well, here's an easy explanation, Made in Barbier. Oxidation is simply a degradation reaction that takes place in the presence of oxygen (typically, with air). Fats, such as butter, are sensitive to oxidation, which goes rancid and takes on an unpleasant odor and texture. The base of the vast majority of cosmetic products is made of water and fat. It is thus necessary to protect it from oxidation. For that, nothing better than ascorbic acid, a powerful antioxidant. Problem: vitamin C is not soluble in oil, so it cannot protect it effectively. The solution? To merge it with another oil, in particular palm oil, called palmitic acid. Easy peasy! :-)

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In this approach, Monsieur BARBIER is one of the only brands for men adhering to COSMEBIO and subject to audits by ECOCERT, for its COSMOS NATURAL & ORGANIC labeled products. And all our products are free of any controversial ingredients, or ingredients of animal origin. Not bad at all! Did you know that our FULL CARE dry oil was the first beard oil in the world to receive the COSMOS ORGANIC certification label? In addition to being the first dry oil in its category, we'll let you discover the benefits for yourself!