Jojoba esters

It is a mixture of Jojoba oil and wax. It is important to know that what differentiates an oil from wax is simply its state, solid or liquid. Each fatty substance has its own melting temperature. For oil, for instance, the fat's melting points are low, which is why they are in a liquid state at room temperature. In contrast, the melting point of fats used to make candles is quite high, so that they don't drip into your hands as soon as you pick them up. By convention, they are called waxes, but waxes and oils are the same for chemists. In cosmetics, playing with the mixtures of oils and waxes allows for obtaining sensory textures, melting on the skin, ideal for massages for instance. They also have good emollient and moisturizing properties. In styling products, we use mixtures whose melting temperature is barely higher than the skin's temperature. This means that you can easily take your styling wax from the jar and heat it in your hands to make it soft so you can work on your style. As it cools, it becomes solid again and exerts its setting power, holding your hair in place.

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