The 10 proverbs that will delight your beard...

World tour of barber proverbs

There are great wise men in all countries, these few proverbs prove it to us. Every beard deserves a proverb (Made by Monsieur Barbier ), they made us laugh and sometimes even think, here is our little selection.

  • ARMENIAN PROVERB “If the beard gave knowledge or if the white beard made the wise, the goats would all be doctors.”
  • RUSSIAN “Hair to hair, all the beard will come.”
  • ITALIAN "Steamed, half-shaven beard"
  • ENGLISH "The cat knows well which beard it licks."

Mr. BARBIER - Blog article "barber proverbs"

Wise ancient proverbs

Now, we're asking you to stop watching TV at the same time that one morning you're doing your little one's homework and the other morning you're reading the team, while taking a quick glance at the blog. by Monsieur Barbier, because this... it's not a story about a cat who knows what he's licking! But if we summarize: we are assured of one thing: we can be clean-shaven and be philosophical. We didn't get up for nothing this morning!!!

  • PLUTRARCH “A beard does not make a philosopher.”
  • JD DEMETRIADES “You have to know how to sacrifice your beard to save your head.”
  • LUCIAN OF SAMOSATE “If a beard were enough for wisdom, a goat would be as good as Plato.”

The unusual

This time it's in the hope of getting a smile that we chose these three sayings... for the last one, we won't tell you who had the idea... Well because we really don't know!! What did you imagine ;)

Mr. BARBIER - Blog article "barber proverbs"

We may have twisted the proverb a bit... but it was too tempting

  • SYLVAIN TESSON “The sparrow: a little ball of fur, but with feathers.”
  • PIERRE DAC "The present is the fraction of time which separates the past from the future. A touch of memory."
  • UNKNOWN ORIGIN "Kiss without beard, omelette without salt."

If you know of others, we're interested, we love bringing them out to our loved ones, our friends, our colleagues to be clever, tintin! It will be our little secret!

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