Name of a beard!

From three-day-old to hipster to lumberjack, beards are given a host of very hairy names. It's a fact, the beard you have defines your personality, so tell us what beard you have and we'll tell you who you are.

3 day beard

Photo of a three-day beard

It is generally the most widely used. Lazy to shave or desire to seduce? Contrary to popular belief, this “neglected but not too much” beard requires maintenance…every three days! That said, it has the merit of pleasing women, doesn't it?

The short beard

Photo of a short ten-day beard

It's more like a 10-day beard, and it has advantages! If 3-day beard can sometimes give a “neglected” look due to a sparse growth, 10-day beard is more uniform and gives a virile, more mature look. Rrrr! You act like a male and it's going to hurt!

The long/Hipster beard

Photo of a long beard in hipster style

Formerly worn by Santa Claus and a few pirates, it has made a comeback among younger people, especially Hipsters. On a turquoise bike with a beard in the wind, you accumulate dust and hide all your gear inside. Practical !

The evening beard

Photo of an evening beard or budding beard

Evening beard, good evening! Also called “Incipient beard”, this variation of the 3-day beard is ultra-short (between 0.5 and 1mm)! It is suitable for those with dense hair who like to be told “ouch, it’s itchy!” ".

The goat

The goat is a goatee accompanied by a mustache surrounding the mouth. Do you have a round face? The goat is made for you!

The goatee


What we commonly call a goatee is actually a small beard under the chin. When it is worn very short, it is called a goatee! I hold you, you hold me...

Suvorov beard

It's historic! Alexander Vassilievitch Suvorov, a Russian soldier and fine strategist of the 18th century, multiplied military victories and therefore inspired a large number of people. This is how his beard style was popularized. Recipe ? If you let your sideburns and mustache grow and only shave your chin, you will get a “Suvorov” trimmed beard. Volunteers?

Imperial beard

Imperial beard

The imperial is aptly named since it was popularized by Napoleon III himself. “To wear the imperial” is to have a mustache and a large goatee. If it was popular in the past, this style seems to be well and truly over! Oops, maybe not for you…

Mustache à la William II

Photo example of the Guillaume 2 mustache

For a little historical background, William II was the last emperor of Prussia. The shape of his mustache, well-filled at the ends, was adopted by many Germans and became a real fashion phenomenon. But that was before.


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Fang mustache

Photo example of the fang mustache

Salvador Dali, Detective Hercule Poirot…you get the idea? A very fine mustache, worked with wax for perfectly finished curves. If you have 1 hour to spare each morning, opt for this one, you will be delicious!

Favorites or Sideburns

More or less full, these small tufts on the cheeks are tapered with relatively short hairs. Fashionable during the sixties, they reappeared in a more discreet and perfectly sculpted form. Let us guess, you're a fan of Elvis Presley, right?

The lumberjack beard

Lumberjack beard example

Chabalabala chabalabala! This beard worn by the great Canadian lumberjacks consists of letting everything grow without shaving or trimming. No fuss, no maintenance, you can sleep in every morning and let nature take its course. Take out the plaid shirts, and make sure you don't misplace your food there at dinner time! Yeah, you will probably be criticized for a lack of hygiene, unless you are the backpacker type who goes around the world. This is sexy.

Brush mustache

Example of brush mustache

Are you nostalgic for TV programs from the 1980s? Opt for a brushed mustache, very thick and drooping to make the girls fall in love…or not!

The Van Dyke

It takes its name from the famous Flemish portraitist Anthony Van Dyck. Composed of a straight goatee on the chin and mustaches which are not connected to the corners of the lips, no doubt, you are original!

The sculpted beard

Example of sculpted beard

The little favorite of young active people! This is a short, perfectly shaped beard. The mustache, neck, goatee and cheekbones are precisely trimmed. With its very clean, distinct effect, this beard can be worn in all circumstances. On the other hand, it still requires daily maintenance and is better suited to dense locations.

The fly or the stamp

Sculpted under the lower lip, this mini beard can take several shapes: triangle, half-moon, rectangle... Rather discreet, it adds a little extra detail. Elongated to form a vertical line in the center of the chin, this becomes a stamp. The sleek beard goes very well with a small mustache for a flirtatious poet look!

The anchor or Balbo

Anchor-shaped beard example

Ahoy sailor! The anchor is a perfectly carved goat whose lower part takes the shape of an anchor. It was Tony Stark aka Iron Man who brought it up to date. And you, you paddle in peace, with your anchor.


Example of beard necklace

The collar is a traditional beard style that is now out of fashion. Taking the form of a necklace, the beard goes around the face and adorns the chin. Attention Craig David fans who want to play R&B style.

The biker mustache

With this biker mustache that runs along the upper lip and down to the chin on each side of the mouth, you heat up the rubber and you ride mechanics!

And There you go! All you have to do is let your imagination run wild and choose the beard that suits you!

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