You discovered us in rock star mode this weekend. We know that you didn't doubt our talent to do everything, but you have to admit? Did we bluff you?

The Barbier team is in improvised concert mode, to offer you a little ditty easy to remember and to sing every morning. 

You can visit us on the page Facebook and help us to make a lot of views... it will give us much joy, and maybe, even if many of you like it, we'll do another one, as offbeat as the first one. It's up to you!

 Micro-interview with Monsieur BARBIER's lyricist

Céleste: For our readers who only see the final version, could you explain how this desire and idea to sing came to you?

Ganaël: In fact, often in the morning, we are very influenced by the first things we do or hear. They condition the mood we wake up in, but also a lot of the morning's mood, even of the day. After several years of waking up with coffee and BFM TV, I started to give up the TV for the radio, with Nova and France Info, and to trade the first sip of coffee for a big glass of water with a few drops of lemon (it's the sophrology/mindfulness moment) in order to have clearer and fresher ideas!

Indeed, I was already in a much better mood, and then naturally, I started to sing anything in the living room, under the shower, not necessarily well-known songs, but good-natured inventions. That's how the morning song was born, by chance, my wife and my dog followed the different versions, and it's all in the song!”

Céleste: And this tune that now the whole team of Monsieur Barbier can thank you for having in your head, what are its influences?

Ganaël: If we talk about influences, they are very clear, and not at all hidden: Boby Lapointe, the great master (to whose ankle we don't come, "de ch'val !"), Dario Moreno, for the naivety and the assumed enthusiasm, and of course, La Chanson du Dimanche, for the setting in the seine, the fishing, and "le petit cheminot où es-tu?

Portrait croisé de Boby Lapointe et Ganaël Bascoul, fondateur de Monsieur Barbier.

Portrait croisé de Boby Lapointe et Ganaël Bascoul, fondateur de Monsieur Barbier.

Céleste: Will Monsieur Barbier concoct other opuses for us?

Ganaël: Let's say that we focus more on our shaving products, with a lot of new products to come, than on our guitars and microphones, but why not offer you some tunes to brighten up your everyday life ! If the Morning Song became something you sing with your kids from time to time, or in the shower when the day seems to have started very badly, I would be the most satisfied!

A clip, a story, two rock stars, two guitars...


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Lecteur audio


  • The final version that you can suggest to your friends by sharing the video!

Do not forget the lyrics!


C’est la chanson du matin,
La chanson tout matin,
C’est la chanson du matin,
La chanson tout va bien.


Les problèmes vont arriver,
Mais pour l’instant y’a qu’toi et moi,
Et cette belle tasse de café
qui nous tend si grand les bras

S’il te plait coupe la télé,
les nouvelles très peu pour moi,
Et si c’matin on dansait,
sous l’air de ton p’tit brin d’voix ?

Enfile ta belle robe d’été,
Juste le temps d’me raser d’près,
Plus qu’une valise à terminer,
et nous voilà tout apprêtés !

Par-ce qu’aujourd’hui pour une fois,
le monde tourn’ra sans toi ni moi,
cache le chien dans ton sac à main,
il promènera sous le ciel romain !

Un bon aperçu de la genèse de la chanson du matin! S’il vous manque les accessoires pour faire le beau d’ailleurs, venez découvrir Monsieur Barbier et son univers au complet, aussi le meilleurs tube de crème ou rasoir qui fera votre prochain micro de star.

.A report from Celeste, for Monsieur Barbier –

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