Entretien avec Fab (fondateur de BOTAK) avec son propre crâne !

Interview with Fab (founder of BOTAK) with his own skull!

In this first article in a series dedicated to original portraits of personalities like no other , we invite you to discover an expert in a little-known cause in France, that of the beauty of bare skulls! Slightly psychedelic, super committed, and certainly passionate: this is the founder of the aptly named Botak brand.

BOTAK - An idea in the head

During his travels, Mr. BARBIER met lots of people who are passionate about cosmetics, formulation and of course shaving and beards; and among the most extraordinary people in this gallery of portraits is Fab Arm , the founder of the Botak brand, specializing in... hairlessness! Or more precisely, shaving and maintaining bald heads.

Paradox for a Barber to become attached to a Botak (a word which designates in Malaysian a person whose head is shaved or closely shorn)?

Not so much, because that head, well, it has to be shaved! And also maintain it well, because it has unsuspected characteristics that require special care.

And speaking of interviews, here for you, in a world exclusive, the first interview of a man (Fab) with his own skull. Storm under the head!? (sorry). Yes, but it's funny and daring enough to read.

And after reading this mind-blowing interview, don't hesitate to take the experience further by discovering the range of products for bald, shaved and trimmed heads , on the Monsieur BARBIER website.

BOTAK, scalp skin care, guest brand of Monsieur BARBIER

Fab Arm interview with his skull

- Fab: Hello my beautiful skull*. You look good today, peaceful! No excess sebum or small spots at the moment?

- The skull: It’s okay, I feel good at the moment…

- Fab: Ah well that's good to know my friend, but hasn't that always been the case?

- The scalp: I ​​was irritated for a long time, and then, I admit, a little jealous to see how you pampered your beard with shampoos, balms, oils, creams, whereas for me it was shower gel and your partner's moisturizing cream (when you put it on me...)!

- Fab: It wasn't my fault, there were no products for bald skin at the time!

- The skull: It's never your fault!… In the meantime, my skin is very different from that of the rest of your body, my little Fab, it's the dermatologists who say that, not me!
And I have specific needs, I deserve your attention too. Pfff, you're not looking at me anymore...

- Fab: Oh my, you're back to your beaten head speech, there...!

Didn't you take your BOTAK** moisturizing cream this morning?

- The skull: Yes, yes, but it's the end of winter, it's still cold, I'm still very sensitive, you know...

- Fab: Wait, I'm going to change your mind: do you remember the first times I shaved you? You couldn't handle a clog less than 5mm, LOL! Now you're all grumpy whenever you're not clean-shaven...

- The skull: LOOOOL, I didn't let you shave me with a manual razor, it irritated me too much!
Okay, now that you're using a good shaving gel, it's a joy! Suddenly, I feel free and I'm no longer ashamed of wanting to win the competition for the best-shaven part of your body, it's normal.

- Fab: Wait, there's a competition for the best-shaven part of my body?!...
Who wins?... No, you know what, I don't even want to know!
Come on, the weather is nice today, we're going to catch some colors in the sun, activate vitamin D!

- The skull: And my sun protection? You took the sunscreen, right?

- Fab: Of course my Loulou, sunscreen is always close by, just in case. I won't let you get sunburned. A sunburn on the head means spots that appear on the head, early wrinkles, or even worse... I would never put you through that!

- The skull: Oh, thank you, but then…are you paying attention to me? You like me…

- Fab: Of course! I love u, you know…
It’s because I love you that I created the BOTAK brand!
Come on, now let's go!

- The skull: You're the best my Fab.

So the best, we don't know, we'll let you be the judge, but his products really amazed us at Monsieur BARBIER and they really appealed to the bald, shaved or shorn heads around us.

So if you want to find out more, or introduce a loved one to this brand, come and see their products on our site .

And if you have any questions regarding the maintenance of scalp skin, do not hesitate to post it in the comments. We will be happy to answer them in the company of Fab Arm (and his pretty skull of course)!


*editor's note We warned you: the guy was not ordinary!

** editor's note Clever product placement, you will have noticed it! We didn't wait for Tiktok influencers to give pride of place to good products.

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Le Gall on 2023,04,26

Génial !!
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