Entretien qui décoiffe avec Benjamin (fondateur de juste.paris)

Mind-blowing interview with Benjamin (founder of Juste.paris)

In this second article in a series devoted to original portraits of personalities like no other , we invite you to discover a French expert in the hair cause, the excellent Benjamin Garzillo .

After analyzing tens of thousands of specific cases, with its offer of tailor-made shampoos and treatments, its beautiful company Juste.Paris was able to develop a range of treatments for the strength and growth of hair.
Everyone to your combs!

Juste.paris - Juste, make a name for yourself!

In the world of hair care, everything is a bit similar... So Monsieur BARBIER has offered you the first Cosmos certified beard and hair shampoo, but he is not the only one to stand out. To imagine ever more precise treatments, the Juste.paris company had the brilliant initiative of creating tailor-made shampoos and treatments.

On the basis of all this data, they have also developed solutions to boost the strength and growth of your hair, with food supplements and masks (for oily hair or for dry hair) with record effectiveness to allow everyone to enjoy their science in your bathroom. Treatments so good, that we wanted to share them with you on the Monsieur BARBIER website, in the... Beard & Hair section, you guessed it*!

Active on tifs** for almost 10 years, the experts from Juste.Paris have made a name for themselves in the industry, and according to us, you haven't heard the last of them! So even if it means talking, let's start by defusing all our fears and addressing all our taboo questions about our hair, its growth and its loss (since the Roman Empire, but with Benjamin).

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Benjamin's interview on hair taboos

Barber: As a French hair specialist, what are the subjects that concern men the most?

Benjamin (Juste.Paris): The relationship between men and their hair is quite unique. If we observe an evolution of trends with more marked expectations on the appearance of hair (curly, shine) the first concerns concern the health of their hair. Are they durable, is there a risk of hair loss? Also concerns related to the scalp, which can be a source of irritation or dandruff.

Speaking of falls, how can we prevent and limit their impact on a daily basis, when choosing our products and how to use them?

Benjamin (Juste.Paris): Hair loss can have several origins: genetic, physiological or environmental.
If there is no real choice but to deal with genetics, the products we use on a daily basis can make a difference. A strengthening and non-irritating shampoo will act on the surface of the scalp. The ideal is to combine it with action at the roots by providing beneficial nutrients to the hair. Food supplements produce excellent results if taken for 3 months.

There always comes the question of oily or dry hair!! How do you know what type of hair you have, and what to do in these cases?

Benjamin (Juste.Paris): A simple way to identify your hair type is the length of time after which it appears dirty. If after 2 days without having washed it (excluding sports, bicycle helmet, etc.) you have the feeling of dirty hair, it is more of an oily type. Conversely, if you don't really notice a difference and you find your hair brittle, it is probably dry!

Urban legends always say that you should never go out with wet hair, is that true?

Benjamin (Juste.Paris): Hey, urban legends always make me smile. Difficult to verify and sufficiently credible to cast doubt.
A priori, if we avoid going out with wet hair it is common sense on the one hand to avoid catching a cold, and on the other hand we could also say that wet hair is clean from contact with outside air. environment will more easily capture dirt/pollution particles in the air.

In practice it mainly depends on the length of the hair, and for short hair it does not pose any problem.

Another legend: that the hair dryer damages the hair... info or misinformation?

Benjamin (Juste.Paris): It's prolonged hot air that can cause damage, so a well-used hair dryer or one with fresh air will not pose a problem.

And what other factors affect hair health: diet, tobacco, stress? Tell us everything!

Benjamin (Juste.Paris): All 3! hair is a true mirror of our inner state. Hence the importance of being attentive to it.

One last tip for pampering your mane?

Benjamin (Juste.Paris): Opt for a sulfate-free shampoo and 1 to 2 courses of food supplements during the year. You will see a nice difference!

Thank you for this interview which does not split hairs, and great success for Juste.Paris for decades to come!!


* Thinly veiled and somewhat shameful reference to Benny B, for our elders. And for the youngest, don't miss it to get moving this summer: it's there . But you are crazy ? OH YES.

**Sorry, we're in good shape at the moment.

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