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2-in-1 Beard & Hair Solid Shampoo - FULL CARE - 60gr

100% natural, organic and vegan certified COSMOS ORGANIC by Ecocert Greenlife

Ultra-foaming formula that cleanses your hair without drying it out

More durable than a classic bottled shampoo

More ecological, palm oil and plastic free

👩‍🔬💬 | Economical, ecological and ultra-efficient… That’s solid!

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🧑‍🏫 Usage

Rub your solid shampoo between your hands or directly on your wet hair to lather it thoroughly. Massage your scalp then rinse. Like a classic shampoo, repeat the operation a second time if necessary!

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💈The most BARBER

The BARBIER family is pleased to announce the birth of the last of the FULL CARE siblings, a little one named "Solid Shampoo"! Born in June 2023, this young product, formulated with Amla powder, Shikakai and castor oil, will bring strength and shine to your hair, while stimulating its growth. Its small, practical format and its formidable efficiency will make you melt with happiness. Sincerely, Mr. BARBIER.

🧪 Wording

The combination of the two Ayurvedic powders of Amla and Shikakaï promotes hair growth and prevents the appearance of dandruff, and castor provides strength and shine.

A formula with 100% ingredients of natural origin, therefore 22.8% from organic farming, and a beautiful COSMOS ORGANIC certification! Who says better ? ;-)

🌱 Ingredients (INCI)

Disodium cocoyl glutamate, Sodium cocoyl glutamate, Aqua (Water), Ricinis communis (Castor) seed oil*, Glycerin*, Emblica ocinalis (Amla) fruit powder*, Acacia concinna (Shikakai) fruit powder*.
*Ingredients from organic farming.

Find all our ingredients in our “ 🌱Glossary ”!

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2-in-1 Beard & Hair Solid Shampoo - FULL CARE - 60gr





" The new solid shampoo from Monsieur BARBIER is THE economical and ecological product par excellence. The Amla and Shikakai powders contained in its exclusive formula prevent hair loss while promoting hair growth, while castor oil makes it softer and silkier. With its 100% ingredients of natural origin and its COSMOS ORGANIC certification, this small shampoo in a practical format promises to become a true champion, in all categories! "



Formulated with 22.8% ingredients from organic farming, this shampoo with a 100% natural formula is COSMOS ORGANIC certified. And that’s really chic chic chic!



Massage deeply into your scalp and beard when applying, then leave on for a few minutes to make each shampoo a moment of care. Softness guaranteed!

Did you know ? 👇

Solid shampoos: a small revolution in the world of cosmetics

Impossible to talk about hair care without mentioning the famous shampoos, particularly known in their liquid form. Specially formulated to preserve the hair fiber, clean the scalp and meet the different needs of the hair, shampoos are quickly becoming essential cosmetics, which it has become very difficult to do without. But in recent years, a great new thing has appeared in the hair care landscape: solid shampoo. Perhaps surprising at first, solid shampoos have the same characteristics as liquid shampoos. Some differences should nevertheless be noted, particularly in terms of wording. While a liquid shampoo will, for the most part, consist of water, a solid shampoo is simply a bar of soap (like Rhassoul Kitchen or Coal of Beauty) with a high dose of active ingredients intended for hair care. .

Liquid shampoo VS solid shampoo: the advantages

Liquid shampoos, which the vast majority of us are used to using, are essentially formulated with water. This natural solvent has the great advantage of dissolving and diluting substances, without modifying them. Thanks to this, a liquid shampoo perfectly meets the different skin tolerance requirements, without neglecting the effectiveness aspect. In addition, the concentration of surfactant in a liquid shampoo is lower, allowing gentle and non-aggressive cleansing of the scalp. Finally, freedom of formulation is more important and advantageous.

As for solid shampoos, the advantages can be summarized in three words: economical, ecological and practical. First of all, economical, because solid shampoos limit waste much more than their liquid alternatives. A more concentrated formula for much slower consumption, a practical form which facilitates the dosage of the product in short, a real anti-waste ally. Then comes the ecological point. Compared to liquid shampoos, solid shampoos are packaged in a limited number of packages, which are also recyclable. This therefore makes it possible to completely eliminate the use of plastic bottles, to the delight of mother nature. Finally, its practicality is very clearly attributed to its clever format, which saves space in the bathroom and in hand luggage!

Choose your side!

Regular use of a shampoo suited to your hair type is essential to preserve your hair assets. Despite the advantages conferred on them respectively, each shampoo, liquid or solid, also has some disadvantages.

The major disadvantage of liquid shampoo is... Its condition. Even if we love lathering the product on our scalp and feeling the different smells being released, it must be said that liquid shampoo is not very practical to carry, especially when you are out and about. Between the risks of the product leaking and having it confiscated at the airport, it's not easy to transport!

As for solid shampoo, the disadvantage that can be mentioned is its high concentration of surfactant which can, in the long run, dry out the scalp, which risks irritating it. In addition, the originality of the formulas may be more limited, a major consequence of the non-possibility on texture sets. Indeed, unlike a liquid shampoo, a solid shampoo cannot have a creamy, oily or liquid texture. The latter will always be solid.

Despite the various disadvantages listed, your friend BARBIER continues to spend hours in his laboratory to formulate the best possible products for you. Our FULL CARE products have already been adopted by many consumers, and even awarded. Whether liquid or solid, don't worry, our shampoos will give you all the care you need.

So, choose your side!

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Shampooing pratique, mousse bien, s'assèche pas les cheveux


Le shampooing mousse bien, n'asseche pas les cheveux. J'en suis très satisfait