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💭 Supreme cream, for a polished look

Styling cream - FINAL TOUCH - 75mL

Styling cream certified COSMOS NATURAL by Ecocert Greenlife

Vegan formula with 100% of ingredients of natural origin

Medium fixing, natural effect

Nourishes and protects your hair

👩‍🔬💬 | A 100% natural look, it's just the thing!

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🧑‍🏫 Usage

Take a small amount of cream with your fingers, then rub your hands together to warm up the formula and obtain a fluid texture. Then apply to your beard and/or hair, wet or dry, while styling until you get the desired effect.

Clap! You're all set for a great day!

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💈The most BARBER

Perfect your style with the FINAL TOUCH styling cream. Its blend of jojoba and sunflower waxes, reinforced with naturally derived conditioning agents, provides long-lasting hold without freezing your hair, for a smooth, flawless look all day long. Finally, its mattifying power eliminates shiny highlights, ideal for hair with an oily tendency. All this is a gourmand, intuitive, vegan, 100% natural, and COSMOS NATURAL-certified formula.

The pleasure of healthy, simple, and quick styling!

🧪 Wording

The FINAL TOUCH styling cream is made with jojoba and sunflower waxes. Bentonite, a natural clay, conditions the hair with great respect to its physiology. Finally, cornstarch gives your cream its mattifying action, eliminates excess sebum, and perfects your look in a single step. All these benefits are combined in a 100% natural, vegan, and nourishing formula-certified COSMOS NATURAL.

🌱 Ingredients (INCI)

Aqua (Water), Stearic acid, Palmitic acid, Pentylene glycol, Zea mays (Corn) starch, Isoamyl laurate, Bentonite, Glyceryl stearate citrate, Jojoba esters, Glycerin, Helianthus annuus (Sunflower) seed wax, Beta-sitosterol, Squalene, Tocopherol, Polyglycerin-3, Parfum (Fragrance).

Find all our ingredients in our “ 🌱Glossary ”!

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Styling cream - FINAL TOUCH - 75mL





" Dive into a world where your hair stays in shape until nightfall, without turning into straw. The FINAL TOUCH styling cream guarantees a fluid, long-lasting hold thanks to jojoba and sunflower waxes. Reinforced with bentonite, a natural conditioning clay, it provides care and holds to your hair and beard. Finally, its mattifying effect reduces shiny highlights and excess sebum, for a natural, clean look. What a mastery! "



All day long, the FINAL TOUCH styling cream ensures a smooth, controlled style without shiny highlights. Stay in control!



The FINAL TOUCH beard & hair styling cream is 100% natural, vegan, and certified Ecocert COSMOS NATURAL, to keep your hair healthy and looking great!

Did you know ? 👇

Hairstyling at full speed!

Proud of your new haircut? Maintain it every day with Monsieur BARBIER's FINAL TOUCH, medium-hold styling cream. A creamy, natural formula that's easy to work with, for a precise, ultra-sensory styling moment! Style and nourish your beard and hair in a single gesture, while giving them a matte finish, without shiny highlights. Ideal for hair with an oily tendency. Rediscover the pleasures of styling your hair in the morning without spending three hours in the bathroom!

And to keep your hair in shape, there is Monsieur BARBIER's FULL CARE range: its beard & hair care shampoo with sandalwood oil and Provitamin B5 nourishes in depth the hair and scalp. Finally, the 100% natural dry oil certified COSMOS ORGANIC combines the power of sandalwood, poppy, and castor to bring volume, strength, and shine to your hair while promoting growth.

Balm, cream or wax, the choice is yours!

The FINAL TOUCH styling balm is suitable for all men. It protects and intensely nourishes the hair, thanks to its flax and St. John's wort extracts while providing a medium hold thanks to its natural acacia gum.

The FINAL TOUCH styling cream has the advantage of providing a long-lasting hold while letting your haircut express itself. If you have long or medium-length hair, the cream is ideal for maintaining the desired shape, while keeping a natural, flowing look. Conversely, the FINAL TOUCH styling wax, with its intense hold, is better suited for short hair, which is harder to straighten, and especially is a haircut that is not supposed to move!

The same goes for your beard. If your beard is quite long, the FINAL TOUCH styling cream is ideal as it is easier to work with, allows easy styling, and preserves your hair's natural movement. In addition, its natural moisturizing agents keep the hair healthy and prevent it from frying out, as would be the case with most styling and conditioning products. Finally, for gentlemen with short beards, the FINAL TOUCH styling wax's long fixation is your best ally to straighten your hair in a lasting and intense way while protecting your epidermis. Bonus: its natural fatty acids and shea butter bring consistency, strength, and shine to your hair creation!

The perfect styling accessories

Discover Monsieur BARBIER's beautiful styling tools, made of natural sandalwood, with their unique touch and sweet woody scent, ready to be taken anywhere. The vegan brush is ideal for straightening stubborn beards in a snap, while the styling comb's long, spaced-out teeth will let you put the finishing touches on your hair creations without breaking the structure you've given them with your favorite styling formula.

Finally, get your good old double-sided comb: ideal for traveling, in its beautiful metal case. It has a side with tight teeth for short beards and a side with spaced teeth for longer beards. As you can tell, Monsieur BARBIER has once again thought of everything, to give you an efficient blow-dry, whatever your style is. ;-)

Customer Reviews

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Bon produit, made in France et UE, et vegan, top !

Bon produit, made in France et UE, et vegan, top !
Je l'utilise depuis des mois, j'aime bien l'effet naturel. Et puis c'est resistant.... Peut-être un peu trop des fois : il est necessaire d'utiliser du shampoing pour l'enlever, l'eau ne suffit pas. Puis ça peut faire les cheveux gras en fin de journée, mais assez rare que ce soit un problème, et puis ça peut être dû à mes cheveux aussi.
Ils proposent aussi une cire, je vais l'essayer pour voir