Why does the beard turn red?

It’s big fashion! You have decided to grow a beard, unfortunately, you notice that some of your hairs are red, while your hair is brown... What is this story? Are you going to keep the red beard? Don’t worry, we’ll explain everything to you!

We often see strange depigmentations, don't we? Our hairs turn red, gray, white, a little here, two or three there, not very uniform.

You wanted to be stylish and you find yourself mistreated by your own hair, the time has come for Mr. BARBIER to elucidate this scientific mystery...

Photo of a man with a red beard

And to understand it, it's not rocket science (Fred and Jamy, get out of this body!)

First of all, let's focus on the origin of hair color. Brown, blond or red, they are colored thanks to a pigment: melanin, of which there are 2 types:

  • dark eumelanin (brown to black)
  • clear pheomelanin (red to yellow).

As you can see, brown hairs are loaded with eumelanin, blondes a little less and redheads are specialist producers of pheomelanin.

Then, just like eye color, hair color depends on the genes present in our DNA. However, the situation is more complex for hair color, because their color does not depend on just one gene!

Man with red beard having his beard trimmed

And in terms of scientific studies, what does that mean?

It is in this context that researchers discovered… TADAAAAAAA! A very particular gene called “MC1R”. Nice name, easy to remember.

More seriously, this gene is located on chromosome 16 and has a crucial impact in the transformation of eumelanin into pheomelanin within cells. The little rascal will interact with the other genes and cause a different color to that of the hair.

If you carry 2 MC1R genes (your 2 parents passed on a version of the gene to you), you will tend to be totally red. On the other hand, if you only received one version of the gene (transmitted by only one of your parents), you are subject to the appearance of red hairs in random places, such as the beard!

The reason is therefore genetic, with a small gene on the loose, which attacks your hair… but not so quickly! The environment and your habits also count: If you like to bask in the sun, for example, exposure can also develop red highlights in your goatee. All you have to do is coat your hair with sunscreen, or simply shave it!

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And why does the beard turn white then?

Remember melanin, the pigment responsible for color. Well, as we age, cells are regenerated more slowly and produce less and less of this pigment. Ultimately, the melanin grains are replaced by air bubbles and this is how the hair becomes gray (poor in melanin) and/or white (total absence of melanin).

Photo of a man with a partially white beard

That said, just like the red beard, other factors will facilitate the arrival of white hairs such as stress, exposure to the sun and other attacks on the skin! Take care of yourselves gentlemen!

And is it possible to dye your beard?

Hey ho! It's not just women who can play with their appearance. You too have the ability to cheat to look younger, have a more even beard, more stylish, more whatever you want.

And be careful, what we are offering you is not hair coloring, but rather the crème de la crème of products adapted to your facial hair!

And how does it work ?

Head to supermarkets or centers specializing in the sale of beauty products to get THE holy grail.

Do you prefer brunettes? Oh no, more like blondes! Depending on your desires, you can choose between a coloring that is close to your initial hair tone or, on the contrary, go seriously peanutty and dye your beard in a WTF color! A word of advice: if you have sensitive skin, opt for the “ammonia-free” formula.

Man with color in his beard and hair

Then, nothing could be simpler!

  1. Mix the coloring with the activator using a brush then apply the preparation to the dry beard.
  2. Let it sit for five minutes, or a little longer if you want a darker shade.
  3. Rinse the beard with lukewarm water until the rinse water runs clear and clean.
  4. Hop! A little shampoo to lather up, then rinse again. The shampoo will bring out the shine of the chosen color and soften the hairs previously impregnated with coloring product.

Wow! You are the new cool bearded man in town! What else?

And you ladies, what do you think of all this? It's well known that the salt and pepper effect doesn't leave anyone indifferent, right?

One last word !

Let's not forget the fundamentals! To have sparkling hair, you need to pamper them with a real care ritual involving quality, healthy and natural products .

And that’s good, we are specialists! We created a Free Beard and Hair Care course which will provide you with advice, knowledge and ancestral tips passed down from barber to barber, for stronger and silkier hair!

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