Why take a cold shower?

Cold showers get a bad rap, and no one wants to take one! It is also called the Scottish shower . But we prefer the cozy comfort of a hot shower to ensure a smooth transition between waking up in the morning (which snoozed three or four times, admit it!) and his first cup of coffee of the day. Yes, but that would mean doing without an economical and terribly effective makeover . Let us reveal to you in this first article in our “ Morning Routine ” category all the benefits of a cold shower!

The benefits of a cold shower!

Because if you're on this page, you've been looking for it ;) From the health of your hair, to that of your psyche, here are all the benefits of a cold shower, all tested and approved (roughly) by the Mr. Barbier's team. And in the middle of winter please!

Benefit of cold shower #1: The health of your hair

At Monsieur Barbier, we had to start with that! The presence of the hair, the beauty of the hair! Hot water, like the hair dryer at maximum temperature (yes we know about that too) will harm good hydration of the hair, which will be more likely to be dry and dull. So, hop on, with cold water, a good towel to dry them, and a finish with a hairdryer avoiding 80°... Because as they say, you're worth it.

For what ? Low temperatures help close the hair scales to protect them and make them shinier. And if you have a tendency to oily hair, you also prevent hot water from stimulating the production of the sebaceous glands. Some even go so far as to say that regular showering with cold water wards off hair loss, but more research on the subject is needed.

Benefit of cold shower #2: A top immune system!

Yes, the benefits of a cold shower are not only cosmetic, and as you will see, it is also part of your preventive medicine at home . Your body will be stronger to protect itself against viruses and other infections. Strong as a rock - ice cold, with a slice of lemon.

For what ? Because it increases the production of lymphocytes which fight against colds and other everyday infections.

Benefit of cold shower #3: Better circulation

If you have never taken the test, we recommend it: a cold shower will make you red as a tomato, with the thrill hitting the ceiling. This is normal, your blood circulation is revitalized by this boost , which, among other virtues, allows good oxygenation of the body.

For what ? It is a natural mechanism that takes place when the body is exposed to cold. The arteries and veins contract (this is vasoconstriction) > Blood pressure increases > Circulation accelerates > Vital organs are thus quickly kept warm. Bingo.

Benefit of cold shower #4: Bogoss Effect

This is the time when they tell you that showering with cold water makes you more beautiful. Yes you are not dreaming. We will have tried everything to convince you...

And how ? Still under the effect of the contraction of blood vessels, your face gains firmness, so for example, the amplitude and swelling of dark circles will be reduced. A true champion's face.

Mr. BARBIER - Blog article "taking a cold shower"

Do you recognize the film of this legendary shower?

Benefit of cold shower #5: It will calm you down

In every sense of the word (pun intended, Roman terms, cough)! At the beginning, we recognized that we uttered little cries like a mouse trapped, and that we were less clever when we got out. Yes, it calms. A cold shower will regulate your stress and anxiety, and even help you fight depression.

You will be more serene to tackle this day. And you will make the right decisions - haha, that sounds like a horoscope doesn't it? We predict all these benefits for you ;)

For what ? Studies have shown that cold water stimulates the production of norepinephrine, an anti-depression hormone, and releases endorphins, hormones that make you happy, and which are also released during physical exercise, for example.

Benefit of cold shower #6: Purify you from the inside, it can

Says Master Yoda who is eating yogurt. So take a cold shower. Because it will decongest your internal organs. And the toxins will be much better eliminated .

It's like doing a good detox. At your place. And without Master Yoda if you don't like it. Because very quickly, by speaking like this, he will be able to get you drunk.

Benefit of cold shower #7: Weight loss. Ehhh yes

In addition to eating green beans and walking 30 minutes a day, you know what to do to supplement your diet, great deal! A cold shower will make you lose the brown fat that was stored in your body to serve as fuel to protect you from the cold.

For what ? Here again it is a natural mechanism that you quickly benefit from. To keep you warm, the body must produce energy by burning glucose contained in fat. If you scream a little when passing the jet behind your back, that will burn a few extra calories! Evils count double.

My good sir, it is for your good! Hold your chest out, it's almost the end!

Benefit of cold shower #8: Your testicles will thank you

The production of sperm is not really compatible with heat, which is one of the reasons why they are produced and preserved in your family jewels, outside the body, to remain well ventilated at all times.

For what ? Studies show that showers with cold water improve fertility, and hot water reduces it, to the point that in the old days a means of contraception (not reliable, not to be "reproduced" at home) was , to take a large hot bath half an hour before the somersaults.

Benefit of cold shower #9: The planet too

Because you will consume less water (unless you are a little masochistic) and you will not burn energy to heat it, because as indicated in point 7, it is by burning your fat that energy 100% natural will be generated. They should do an ad on it at Engie, ex-GDF (not the Stones song).

Benefit of cold shower #10: Because it’s not comfortable

So what ? For both the body and the mind, it sometimes feels good to get out of your comfort zone, as they say, to gain self-confidence, easily prove to yourself that you can change a habit, and stick to it. Watch this TEDx by Joel Runyon to convince yourself. His story is worth the detour.

It's time for your Scottish shower!

So all that's left to do is! Try for a week. Trust us on this one, it's really brilliantly simple and effective at the same time. To motivate you, we couldn't resist the urge to offer you two titles:

  • Cold Showers by the group Only Human (for the title of course) (link to youtube video)
  • The Rock soundtrack by Hans Zimmer (to give you courage) (links to youtube video)
Go go go! Take the plunge ! And share your feedback in the comments of this post.

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