White beard: dyeing or repigmentation?

We men seem to agree on one thing: white hair is no fun. Canities , a term designating the appearance of white hairs, is however a natural physiological mechanism . Caused by stress , the environment , our lifestyle and our genetic heritage , it could even be the vestige of a camouflage system inherited from a distant animal ancestor . However, no one likes to see their beard or hair turn white, and the fight against canities is now a real business. Indeed, many men are desperately looking for a solution to this “problem”. Although it is still too early to speak of a miracle cure, certain avenues being explored at the moment are proving rather promising. Let's see together how to manage these white hairs, which lighten your beard more than your life.

Right now, you have two simple options :

  • Dyeing : technique which consists of artificially coloring the hair fiber.
  • Repigmentation : technique which aims to restart the production of melanin in the hair follicle. To find out more about this natural pigment and its role in hair synthesis, click here!

The dye


White hairs, annoying reflections, or too marked a contrast between the color of your hair and that of your beard? The simplest and most effective option, in the short term , is to make (make) yourself a tincture, or tincture.

Don't panic, it's very easy! This often involves applying a mixture of coloring product and an activator to your hair, using the brush provided. Leave it on for a few minutes before rinsing. Finally, it is often advisable to use an associated shampoo, specially designed to highlight your new color.

Benefits of dyeing:

Simple and quick, the dye guarantees you a very even beard , for around six weeks of happiness! Ideal for a clear and immediate result , provided you do it well, starting with the choice of color! It is best to buy this type of product in store , or at your favorite Barbier hairdresser , to benefit from professional advice. If your hair and beard are chromatically uneven, we advise you to match your beard to your hair , and not the other way around, which is more risky and generally more expensive.

Disadvantages of dyeing:

No secret, dye formulas are not very natural, and contain their share of aggressive compounds , necessary for fixing the color. So, if repeated too often, this action can harm the quality of your hair , and dry out your skin just underneath. You must therefore find an appropriate pace, and be very careful when choosing your products. Indeed, some formulas are less harmful than others, and it is possible to find products with an honest percentage of naturalness. Put on your glasses!


Repigmentation - colored feathers

Much research is currently focused on ways to restore the synthesis of melanin , the natural pigment that gives hair, and skin, their color. The latter is altered by stress , oxidation , loss of effectiveness of certain enzymes , or even genetic deterioration . As we age , the hair follicle's exposure to these dangers increases, gradually leading to depigmentation. The difficulty is to implement a holistic approach to the phenomenon, necessary to obtain real effectiveness .

New molecules are emerging and arriving in your cosmetic products. At the beginning of 2020, the GreenTech laboratory developed an active ingredient extracted from the roots of Picrorhiza scrophulariiflora , a plant native to the mountains of Asia. This extract acts on the synthesis of melanin and on the number of melanocytes that produce it. A multidimensional approach therefore, which they integrated into a beard balm prototype. The results obtained are very encouraging. In addition, the boost in self-esteem seems to reduce daily stress and slow down the progression of canities , thus forming a very beneficial virtuous circle.

Benefits of repigmentation:

The big plus of repigmentation is that it allows you to find your original color , which is more difficult with dyeing. The active ingredients can be introduced into shampoos, masks, or even balms, to suit your convenience , and easily find their place in your morning routine. Finally, the formulas do not contain the chemical and aggressive agents of dyes. Some are natural and Ecocert COSMOS certified. This technique is therefore much less harmful for your skin and your appendages.

Disadvantages of repigmentation:

The main disadvantage is the lack of efficiency . Despite the progress made every day in this area, dyeing still presents the most spectacular results. Those of repigmentation are more discreet. In addition, it is carried out in the form of a cure , so you will have to wait a few weeks before you notice a change.



Why not simply accept that your body changes, at any age? Proudly wear your white hair as a mark of the stress and hard work you have done to achieve your dreams? Your body is the inventory of your past, be proud of it whatever happens ! And remember, good self-esteem reduces stress and allows you to live better on a daily basis .

So, dyeing or repigmentation?

If you need a flawless and instant result , dyeing is your best option. Be careful not to overuse it, however , as this risks permanently altering the quality of your hair. For the same reasons, prefer the most natural formulas , to limit the impact on your hair health. Finally, opt for a physical purchase , to benefit from professional advice . These will provide you with details on the right color to choose and the procedure to follow for successful dyeing.

If you prefer something more natural , and you don't have the maintenance of your life the next day, opt for repigmentation . This will not damage your hair or your beard , while stopping the appearance of white hairs. However, beware of charlatanism , because many products promise wonders, but there is still a lot to learn in this area.

We hope this article has been useful to you, and we'll see you soon for new good deals! Until then, take care of yourself, and keep in mind that your body is unique. Pamper it, and above all love it, whatever you decide to do with it!


Matthew LAFONT
Pharmacist specializing in cosmetology.

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