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💭 A black diamont in the raw

Lipid-enriched face & body soap - COAL OF BEAUTY - 100gr

Purifies and detoxifies the skin in-depth

7% lipid-enriched soap for a moisturized and soothed skin

With 99.9% of ingredients of natural origin

Can be used as a cleanser of as a face mask

👩‍🔬💬 | There's nothing like a little coal to make you look good!

💡Dimensions:8 x 5 x 2 cm

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Delivered to your home within 48 hours!

🧑‍🏫 Usage

In the shower, rub your soap under warm water to bring out its creamy lather, then simply wash! You can also use the COAL OF BEAUTY soap as a purifying mask. To do so, apply its lather directly to your face, then leave it on for a few minutes before rinsing. Do not hesitate to repeat this two or three times a week if necessary. Arrivederci oily skin!

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💈The most BARBER

It is necessary to save the skin from problems! Thanks to its natural charcoal, the COAL OF BEAUTY lipid-enriched soap absorbs excess sebum, bacteria, and other impurities responsible for infections and pimples. A real boost for oily skin! Finally, its creamy and generous foam, perfumed with palmarosa, will delight your senses, every morning!

🧪 Wording

The charcoal in your COAL OF BEAUTY soap is the best ally for flawed skin. Very effective against pollution particles, bacteria, and impurities responsible for rednesses and pimples, it guarantees a clean face every time you use it. The coconut and jojoba oils offer you a creamy and generous foam, ideal for a face mask. Finally, the Palmarosa brings this small olfactory supplement, that will warm your senses, every morning.

* 99.9% of ingredients of natural origin
* 7% lipid-enriched
* 5% glycerin

🌱 Ingredients (INCI)

Sodium olivate, Sodium cocoate, Aqua (water), Glycerin, Simmondsia chinensis seed oil, Bamboo charcoal, Cymbopogon martini oil, Sodium chloride, Tetrasodium glutamate diacetate, Geraniol, Linalol, Citral, Farnesol, Limonene.

Find all our ingredients in our “ 🌱Glossary ”!

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Lipid-enriched face & body soap - COAL OF BEAUTY - 100gr





" Economical and ecological, lipid-enriched soaps purify your beard and skin day after day without drying them out. Developed to meet the needs of oily skin, the COAL OF BEAUTY soap absorbs pollution particles, impurities, and certain bacteria responsible for skin inflammation, to better eliminate them in the shower. Its coconut and jojoba oils nourish in depth while generating a rich and unctuous foam. Finally, its palmarosa oil naturally perfumes your soap, to combine effectiveness and sensory. An authentic Monsieur BARBIER creation! "



Subtly balanced between the bamboo charcoal's cleansing powers and the natural oils' gentle respect, COAL OF BEAUTY offers all men the power to fight against oily skin, without damaging it!



Oily skin will be a distant memory! Thanks to its super absorbent power, the COAL OF BEAUTY soap will become your best ally! It fights against sebum and impurities, for flawless skin. Use it also as a mask to intensely purify your face.

Did you know ? 👇

Bamboo charcoal

Bamboo charcoal, also known as "Takesumi" or "black diamond" is a rare mineral from Japan. Used for centuries, bamboo charcoal has an ultra-absorbent and detoxifying power, making this soap an exceptional face and body treatment, particularly suitable for men's skin.

This cleansing soap is unique. Its added lipid gives it incredible softness and a generous foam. It eliminates sebum and impurities, making it the best ally for men with oily skin. Unlike conventional cleansing soaps, the COAL OF BEAUTY bamboo charcoal soap cleanses the skin thoroughly while purifying it.

One soap, multiple uses

We do not say that about him for anything! Indeed, with this solid soap, you have enough to build a real skincare routine. Moreover, thanks to its clever format, you can take it everywhere, even during your greatest escapades! Its lather forms a mask to purify your face: lather the soap in your hands, then apply a thick layer to your face and leave it on for 10 to 12 minutes before rinsing thoroughly with cold water.

In addition to its purifying and detoxifying properties, Monsieur BARBIER's COAL OF BEAUTY soap contains 7% added lipid, guaranteeing your skin maximum hydration. And to respect your skin ever so more, its formula is made with 99.9% of ingredients of natural origin, the promise of an ever cleaner soap.

Happy routine!

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Customer Reviews

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Steve D.

Mitiger au début, je l'ai finalement adopté.
Je m'en sers également pour purifier mon cuir chevelu 1 fois par semaine.

Seb T.

Le savon est très bien pour mon visage. Juste un bémol sur le porte savon aimanté. Il rouille au niveau de l'aimant, c'est quand même embêtant d'autant que j'en ai pris 3 et les 3 ont des tâches de rouille. Une étoile en moins pour cela. Sinon tous les produits sont top et je recommanderai.

didier staal
Parfait !!

Savon doux et très agréable !!!

Christophe BECUE

Quelle surprise lors de la première douche : c’est savon est génial et économique. Il nettoyé parfaitement, n’irrite pas la peau et mousse bien.
Il est parfait.


Mousse onctueuse et généreuse. Parfait aussi pour nettoyer la barbe.