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💭 The brush for complicated hair!

Pneumatic Boar Brush and Nylon Pins

French artisanal manufacturing

Pure boar hair AND nylon pins

Pneumatic wooden brush (22.5 cm)

Natural and responsible materials

👩‍🔬💬 | THE brush for all tests! Of French artisanal quality, it detangles the thickest and curly hair thanks to its nylon pins and brings softness and shine to your hair thanks to the pure boar bristles.

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🧑‍🏫 How to use your brush?

This large brush with boar bristles and nylon bristles is suitable for all hair types, particularly normal to thick hair.

It allows for deep detangling without flattening the hair.

Ideal for daily use, on dry or slightly damp hair to avoid any breakage of the hair fiber. Please note that wet hair is more sensitive when detangling, it is best to let your hair dry before brushing.

Get into the habit of brushing your hair from ends to roots to gently detangle it.

🧪 Wording

🧽 How to maintain your brush?

To ensure its effectiveness, maintaining the brush is important.

1) First, remove the hair and particles that accumulate between the boar bristles, being careful not to tear anything out. Use your hand or a comb.

2) Then, for a complete clean, mix lukewarm water and a drop of shampoo. Then gently rub the bristles of the brush against the palm of your hand.

3) Finally, rinse with clean water. However, remember not to let the brush soak in water so as not to damage it.

4) Then dry the brush in the open air, away from any heat source.

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Pneumatic Boar Brush and Nylon Pins

A family business

A family business

L'Artisan Brossier is a family business located in the heart of the
Brittany, in the charming Côtes-d'Armor.

They make brushes that are both authentic and modern, with a
excellent craftsmanship and three main values: naturalness, sustainability
and the premises.

All since 1805, anyway!

An ancestral know-how of excellence

An ancestral know-how of excellence

They take advantage of the best that nature has to offer! Wood from sustainably managed forests, natural latex and pure boar hair for magnificent hair every day.

All their products are manufactured and packaged in France, which reduces the carbon footprint of each brush.

No doubt, they are the best!

Customer Reviews

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Roxane C.

Exactement ce que je cherchais, livraison rapide et soignée

Excellente brosse à cheveux

Cette brosse est d’une grande qualité et est très efficace. Elle est vraiment excellente. Je la recommande. Le savoir-faire français avec des matériaux de qualité !!!