Golden Ticket - Chapitre 4 - Affiche et jeu concours Monsieur BARBIER


By participating before March 31, 2023, win your tickets and exclusive goodies to properly celebrate the return of John Wick to theaters!

Dear friends,

In this new year, Monsieur BARBIER's Golden Ticket is not the only one to make a comeback!

In this month of March, and after four long years of absence consumed by suspense, John Wick returns to service in a new fourth part, just as rich in action and breathtaking scenes as its predecessors.

Find the most wanted man in the world from March 22 at the cinema: JOHN WICK: CHAPTER 4!

Golden Ticket - John Wick Chapitre 4 - Keanu Reeves 2


John Wick discovers a way to defeat the criminal organization
known as the Great Table.

But before gaining his freedom, he must face a new enemy who has forged powerful alliances across the world and is turning John's old friends into enemies.

Starring in this film, you will find (of course) the one and only Keanu Reeves , accompanied by Ian McShane, Lance Reddick and Laurance Fishburne, all present in previous episodes. But that's not all ! For this new opus, director Chad Stahelski sees things big by introducing us to new characters played by Donnie Yen, Bill Skarsgård, and Scott Adkins.

Golden Ticket - John Wick Chapitre 4 -  Donnie Yen

What awaits you in JOHN WICK: CHAPTER 4? Ever more impressive fighting techniques, mythological references, and above all completely crazy fighting scenes.

One thing is certain, you will be amazed!

And it's the same with our collector's goodies to be won in this exceptional Golde Ticket: notebooks, caps, umbrellas (yes, it often rains in this saga) and a very limited edition soap (500 copies) marked with the seal of John Wick.

So try to win your places without further delay!

JOHN WICK: CHAPTER 4 exclusively in theaters March 22

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