Hair loss, beard holes, greasy or flaky hair?

🎁 We have a gift for you! 🎁

"Leave non of your hair un distress"

"Leave non of your hair un distress"

Experiencing hair problem?
It is not a fatality, and it is our domain!

We have put together the 10 golden rules of hair care, combining tips, professional advice, and scientific results.


Lion's mane guaranteed! You'll have all the weapons you need to stop letting your hair get the better of you, both beard and hair.

You will receive these rules by email one by one, once a week.

We would have made a big PDF file, or a lot of separate articles, BUT it would have been boring! Adopting a new gesture every week is the best way to develop good habits.

These 10 golden rules have already saved dozens of manes. your turn!

We remain available to answer any questions you may have between classes. Over the past two years, dozens of feedback have helped us make these email courses the coolest experience possible.