To leave none of your hair in distress.

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Beard & hair care? Naturally, and at the same time!

Is your beard all dry, rough, and scratchy? Does your hair itch, break, and bother you? Don't worry, Monsieur BARBIER and his natural potion will take care of everything to get you back in good shape.

Discover the natural 2-in-1 beard & hair care products from your favorite barber and give your beautiful mane a healthy boost.

No more itching! Thanks to its unique formulation, the castor oil present in the 100% natural FULL CARE Hair & Beard Dry Oil intensely nourishes the hair fiber and scalp, while sandalwood oil promotes hair growth. Finally, poppy oil softens the hair for a fleece as soft as foam. A real cocktail of natural active ingredients in this beard oil will delight you with its Atlas fragrance with notes of sandalwood, orange, and vetiver.

FULL CARE Hair & Beard Shampoo regenerates and revitalizes the hair thanks to its extracts of Sandalwood and its Provitamin B5.

Finally, give meaning to your style with the naturally scented 100% sandalwood comb, which you can find in our gift set for men with beards.

Real beauty products for men

Taking care of your beard is essential! That's why male grooming has become a real trend in cosmetics for men. But with this new fashion, a lot of strongly synthetic products have arrived on the market, and risk more than anything else to damage your hair.

Unlike other beard care brands, our FULL CARE products contain a maximum of natural ingredients. And because at BARBIER, we do not do things by halves, we have had our dry oil certified by Ecocert COSMOS NAT. A first in the history of grooming!

And a real little natural spa for your beard and hair. Enjoy!

We value your opinion

We have improved our formulas with each production batch, following your feedback, desires, and suggestions. It is not always easy, but every effort has been rewarded by your enthusiasm and encouragement, so we are not about to stop! We are convinced that by integrating all our customers into the "BARBIER team", we will succeed in doing what no other shaving brand for men has done so far. World Champions!

What's more, we do not hold anything back! In our superb and complete glossary, our pharmacist explains to you why we have chosen each component to fulfill every expectation. That is what clean beauty is all about! Feel free to stop by our blog from time to time to learn more about this unique transparency approach to men's cosmetics.