Why do some women have beards?

We're not going to hide it, we've all been surprised one day by discovering the hair on a woman's chin. Wow! Késkecékeussa? But do you know about the existence of bearded women?

Today, our society's obsession with hair is such that we resort to various methods that can compensate for the emergence of these rebellious follicles.

And since “women should always have soft skin”, ah, no luck, and even men tend to want to keep hairless skin, the surprise generated by this strange phenomenon of women with beards only surprises more .

But then, why do some women have beards?

Mr. BARBIER has looked into the question and will answer you immediately. There are 2 types of pathologies that can lead to excessive hair growth:


It is a symptom of a hormonal imbalance manifested by excess hair in areas of the skin, which are already usually hairy.

Hep hep gentlemen! Hypertrichosis affects both men and women, and happens to be hereditary! Special dedication to the furry!

Sometimes, the excess is such that an affected person can go so far as to shave several times a day! Not cool…


It is excessive hair growth in women, in androgen-dependent skin areas, that is to say areas where hair growth normally only exists in men. Example: the upper lip. The hair system of women then functions like that of men. Women suffering from hirsutism still constitute 5% to 15% of the female population!

The causes of this pathology are diverse...

Firstly, it may be a hormonal imbalance: male hormones (androgens) will then be expressed in excess.

Then, in the case where the level of androgen hormones is normal, it is in fact the hair follicle which is abnormally sensitive to these hormones. The hair is then often localized to one or more areas in particular.

Finally, Mediterranean women being the most affected by this phenomenon, we cannot rule out a genetic origin of hirsutism. That way you know everything.

What can women do against these pathologies?

SOS eradication! Fortunately for them, many methods exist to put an end to hair invasion. If the cause is identified, simply make it disappear to put an end to the ordeal. If, on the contrary, it is not detected, there is always the razor , wax, bleaching or (take out the dollars!) laser hair removal!

Concerning this last method, before purchasing a laser epilator or any other pulsed light epilator currently sold, you must make sure you understand what you are getting into. Because yes, although it is the current trend, this technique is not without danger and requires a certain preparation. In fact, before picking out the best laser epilator that she has found online or in a supermarket, any woman with a beard must find out about health issues relating to laser technology.

Some precautions to take before laser hair removal...

Like any aesthetic treatment, laser or pulsed light (ELP) hair removal is not for everyone and has contraindications that should not be overlooked! You should know that it is only recommended for people with very fair skin and dark hair. In other words: for women with blonde beards for example, or women with beards and dark or black skin, laser hair removal will not be the ideal weapon against hair. Same thing for bearded women who are pregnant, diabetic or suffering from a blood disease.

Without a doubt, dermatological dangers are among the questions that most concern women who have beards. However, we must not forget that each epilator is tested, even those intended for individuals. There should therefore be no danger to the skin, whether blisters, burns, edema or any risk of depigmentation of the skin. In theory... Despite everything, it remains important to respect the contraindications and to carefully read the instructions specific to each product. Avoiding exposure to the sun, hydrating yourself sufficiently and eating a good diet also prevents any side effects and promotes the action of laser hair removal on the hair. If in doubt, contacting the customer service of the chosen brand or, better still, seeking professional advice is more than advisable.

What celebrations. Well, if not, why not just accept these hairs and live with them?

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Who are the famous bearded women?

Truthful! Bearded women have existed and fascinated people since the dawn of time! And if today it proves complex to accept these hairs on the chin, the bearded women of the time claimed this difference as a supernatural and rewarding phenomenon! Many have taken responsibility for their situation, and even turned it to their advantage, becoming real personalities!

Some performed in circuses, others in the theater, however, many were exhibited like monsters (a la Elephant man). Cruel world !

Photo by Clémentine Delai

One of the best known is undoubtedly Clémentine Delait (born in 1865), a figure of the Belle Époque in France. She became known through the postcards she sold in her café. Barb is business.

Photo by Clémence Lestienne

Clémence Lestienne (1839), baker who caused a sensation by selling her gingerbreads at fairgrounds. With her beard, she attracted the crowd and made her turnover explode!

Photo by Jennifer Miller

Finally, Jennifer Miller is undoubtedly the best known. Born in 1961, this American circus artist, juggler and devourer of flames, also a writer and teacher in the United States, she currently works at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn.

Recently, bearded women have also been in the news with the arrival of singer Conchita Wurst, an Austrian drag queen, famous for winning the Eurovision Song Contest for Austria in 2014.

Esquire magazine cover with Virna Lisi

In another register, here is the famous magazine cover with Virna Lisi, great Italian actress, razor in hand and shaving cream on her face, symbolizing the "virile and beautiful woman at the same time".

And these women who shave their entire faces, do we talk about it?

We know that women with beards are often victims of mockery and singled out by our society, associating the image of a beautiful woman with a woman without hair. The scale of the phenomenon is such that a new fashion has appeared this last year, that of Face Shaving, in other words the shaving of the face practiced by women. This new fad, which is spreading at breakneck speed on the internet, has converted a large number of women. Widely acclaimed by English and American bloggers, this female facial shaving is also tending to develop in France.

And you, women with beards, do they appeal to you or not?

We highly recommend watching the video “Bearded Lady Lovers”, which you can access by clicking right here !

The final word !

Women also use our shaving products (for the armpits and legs in particular) and their feedback is excellent!! We have created a free Shaving course which will allow you to establish a shaving ritual that respects your skin, worthy of the greatest barbers! And if necessary, you will find healthy and natural BARBIER shaving products on our site as well as BARBIER razors by subscription, so you never run out of stock!

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