How to clean your razor?

Cleaning and maintaining your disposable or multi-blade razor helps reduce the risk of cuts or irritation , but also extends the life of your blades, and thus saves money on your razors. I would even say: even more savings! Because if you subscribe (without commitment) to Monsieur BARBIER's razors you are already making great savings, but we can go even further, here's how.

Clean your razor while shaving

A razor blade wears less quickly if it is less clogged, you must prevent residue from getting stuck between the blades during your shave. To avoid these problems: 

  • Rinse the razor head very regularly by running water, hot if possible, in the direction of the razor blades, to remove cream and hair with each stroke. Ideally, this rinsing is done every two razor strokes.
  • If cream or hair is stuck in the blades, soak the razor in a cup of hot water for a while , then shake the razor head under a running tap of warm water to finish the job

Bonus tip: Using a pre-shave lotion or oil, such as ourPREPA-SHAVE pre-shave solution , helps lubricate both the skin and the blades when passing the razor, and therefore reduces dulling the blades, to extend their lifespan.

Don'ts to clean your razor while shaving

  • Do not tap the razor blade against the sink, washbasin or countertop. The gesture is rather elegant, the sound rather nice, but it seriously accelerates the wear of the blades.
  • Do not wipe your blades with a lint towel as this will damage your blades and trap residue between your razor blades.

Maintaining your razor after shaving

If you really want to make your blades last as long as possible, you can also take care of them with a special blade cleaning session between several shaving sessions:

Cleaning and sharpening your razor with jeans

To resharpen the blades, it is possible to do it on jeans ! You take your well-rinsed razor and an old pair of jeans - be careful not to take your last Levi's, it risks damaging it.

Then you run the razor over the jeans without shaving them ! On the contrary, you pass it from bottom to top, pulling up the jeans, in the opposite direction of shaving, around twenty times.

This method will allow you to remove the last hairs or dead skin residue, and will give a little sharpening to the blades of your Monsieur Barbier razor - or other for that matter, this method works for all multi-blade and all disposable razors. The better the razor, the better the results of this method will be.

An American startup Shave Face even made this sharpening on jeans a rather cool product which they call the Strop and which they presented on Indiegogo. We reassure you, it also works with the strip of old jeans, but it is true that their design is a great success.

Last tip: You can dip your razor in alcohol (vodka for example) before sharpening it on the jeans, to further improve the sharpening, and also disinfect the blades as best as possible.

Scrub your razor with a toothbrush

You can also gently brush your razor head and its blades using an old toothbrush under a stream of lukewarm water. This helps clean well, but we're not totally fans of this method, which risks leaving toothbrush bristles between the blades - especially if you have good blades that cut properly. We prefer the jeans method above!

What not to do after shaving

Final advice for safety or double-edge razors: Do not let your blades dry on their own in the open air as this risks reducing the sharpness of your blades through corrosion. Take a soft, clean, lint-free towel and gently wipe it over the cutting surface of your razor head.

When should I change my blades

The main signal that should make you change your razor head remains an ineffective or rough shave, which indicates the definitive dulling of the blades. Afterwards, you shouldn't be stingy either, because you only have one skin, and shaving should remain a pleasure ! With subscription-based razor systems , you can change your razor heads without spending a fortune.

You know everything ! Happy shaving and good savings, friends ;)

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