Sodium cocoyl glutamate

Sodium cocoyl glutamate is a cleaning agent and surfactant of natural origin, made from fatty acids from coconut oil and an amino acid, glutamate. This active ingredient, widely used in formulas thanks to the high foaming quality it provides, makes it possible to effectively clean the skin and hair, without weighing them down. It can also be used as an emulsifier, to help the different ingredients in a formula combine well while giving the product a creamy side. 100% effective, 100% pleasure!
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Shampoing Solide 2-en-1 pour Barbe et Cheveux de Monsieur BARBIER - de face avec le packaging Shampoing Solide 2-en-1 pour Barbe et Cheveux de Monsieur BARBIER - sur le côté

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Natural ? Yes. Boring? Never !

Between us gentlemen, aren't you fed up with products with synthetic odors and dubious compositions? Do you want to go back to nature, with healthy formulas that preserve your beauty capital?

We do too, which is why Monsieur BARBIER has rethought the design of products for men in order to imagine the most natural products possible, by carefully choosing each ingredient and each active ingredient, for an uncompromising balance between effectiveness, sensoriality and naturalness. Naturalness, yes, but not at the expense of style or pleasure.

In this approach, Monsieur BARBIER is one of the only brands for men to be members of COSMEBIO and subject to ECOCERT audits, for its Cosmos Nat labeled products. And all of our products are free from controversial ingredients, or ingredients of animal origin. Not even hurt ! Did you know that our Full Care oil was the first beard oil in the world to receive the Cosmos Nat label? In addition to being the first dry oil in its category, we will let you discover the benefits for yourselves.