The Alum Stone: a precious stone

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What is the Alum Stone?

Good question ! Alum (from the Greek als, alos: salt) is a mineral, a salt based on potassium sulfate extracted from natural mines in various regions. Used since ancient Egypt, this stone comes mainly from Syria, and more widely from the Middle East.

The history of the Alum Stone

It dates from the Stone Age! Since the Middle Ages, it has been used as a “mordant” for fabric dyeing. A little later, in the 17th century, half-timbered houses were covered with a plaster made of lime, with added milk and alum, thus forming a durable and waterproof layer.

Also used to clarify muddy drinking water, alum is found in large quantities in cod canneries (fish drying). The impurities suspended in the water are enveloped by the alum, thus clarifying the liquid.

Finally, alum stone is recognized for its astringent, antiseptic and antiperspirant properties.

Alum Stone: good for health?

When it is natural, alum stone is 100% tolerated by all skin types , sensitive or not. Its negative ionic charge in potassium alum and its molecular structure make it remain on the surface of the skin, which makes it absolutely harmless (this is not the case for all cosmetics which contain harmful aluminum components, often used in cause in carcinogenic risks).

Aluminum is found in both types of alum stone, natural and synthetic, but in different forms and therefore do not have the same effects on health. The one contained in natural stone does not attach to the skin and is eliminated naturally through perspiration. Conventional deodorants often contain aluminum chloride hydrates which pass into the blood and are therefore carcinogenic or linked to Alzheimer's disease.

How to tell the difference between synthetic and natural Alum Stone?

A natural alum stone is slightly translucent and you can see traces of crystallization (like veins inside the stone). It is identified as “ potassium alum ”. Synthetic alum stone is identified as “ ammonium alum ” or “ aluminum alum ”. It is manufactured by the chemical industries and obtained by synthesis of ammonium salt. It is recognized by its opaque appearance.

The multiple uses of Alum Stone

Alum: beauty product


Alum stone is a real asset for shaving . By rubbing your razor blades on your skin, you very often end up causing reactions such as ingrown hairs, redness and irritation which can be avoided thanks to the thin protective film that alum deposits on the surface of the skin. It is also used as an aftershave , soothes and calms razor burn, through its hemostatic qualities, alum stone heals minor cuts, scrapes and stops small bleeding.

How to use it ? Pass the stone moistened with cold water over the areas to be shaved. Apply it before your electric shave to make cutting easier and after your manual shave to speed up healing.

Good to know: After shaving, the immediate application of alum stone may cause slight tingling.

Anti-aging, anti-redness and anti-acne remedy

Alum stone naturally tightens pores and firms the skin, making it ideal for treating fine lines and problem skin.

How to use it ? Moisten your alum stone and massage it onto the affected areas. Your skin will be fresher, no more redness, no more spots. Wow! Goofy!


Yes, magic magic, by leaving a thin saline layer on the skin, alum stone limits sweating in addition to preventing fermentation and neutralizing the bacteria responsible for bad odors.

You can also treat yourself in the bath (no, we're not talking about a rubber duck) by mixing two parts honey to one part alum in the water as many West African women do

How to use it ? Simply apply it to damp skin under your armpits but also on the hollows of the feet, the palms of the hands, the forehead and the back of the neck. You'll see, it's a change from the usual deodorants which generally leave marks on clothes, and sometimes block the entire perspiration process!

Good to know: Alum stone is available in stick form, which is easier to apply! It is economical: a 60 gram stone lasts about a year... or 12 traditional deodorants! Finally, it does not stain clothes. What else?

Wax for hair removal

Alum for hair removal, anyone? Also sold in powder form, it can easily be incorporated into a homemade depilatory wax.

How to use it ? To prepare a homemade wax, make a caramel, incorporate powdered alum, spread it into strips and remove them with a sharp pull, stretching the fabrics well.

Hair growth retardant

Hemostatic, alum powder helps stop small bleeding, delay hair growth or soothe irritation. With its astringent power, it causes contraction of tissues and blood vessels and stimulates blood clotting. Also perfect for pimples that develop after hair removal/shaving.

How to use it ? Moisten your alum stone under cold water and pass it over the shaved areas. If you do not have sensitive skin, you can apply a mixture of powdered alum and vinegar after hair removal.

Pierre d'Alum by Monsieur BARBIER

Alum: healing product

For cold sores

No one wants to kiss you because of that pustule growing on the top of your lip? Thanks to its healing, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory power, alum stone is a gentle solution to accelerate the healing of cold sores .

How to use it ? Choose powdered alum stone and dilute a small quantity in a little lukewarm water, which you apply to your pimple using a clean cotton pad. It also improves minor oral dental problems, such as painful gums and canker sores.

For ingrown toenails

Alum is known for its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. Take advantage of this to treat your problems with ingrown toenail wounds, whether on the feet or hands.

How to use it ? Let them soak in a water/alum bath.

For sunburns or burns

Did you burst into flames and melt in the sun during the twelve strokes of noon? Hello sunburn ! Hello Alum? You can make up for that for me

How to use it ? Apply a cold compress soaked in alum solution to soothe burning sensations.

For insect bites

Do you also have an inconsiderable hatred towards mosquitoes? It won't stop them from stinging you, but the alum is there to help you soothe yourself. It is used successfully on insect bites because it soothes the itching.

How to use it ? Apply a cold compress soaked in alum solution to soothe itching.

Pierre d'Alum by Monsieur BARBIER

The virtues of Alum Stone


We know it above all for this great benefit. Alum stone is known as an excellent natural deodorizer. It is therefore not surprising to find it in the composition of our organic deodorants. It regulates sweating without blocking the pores of the skin, leaving an invisible film of mineral salts which slows down the development of bacteria responsible for odors. As a bonus, no allergic reactions and marks on clothes.


The composition of alum makes this stone a very effective healing agent. We can locally relieve small pimples, painful gums, canker sores and other small oral dental problems.

Astringent and antiseptic

Hemostatic, alum stone is useful for stopping small bleeding from cuts or even for healing a mouth ulcer. It is also extraordinarily effective against irritation and spots after shaving. It is particularly recommended for people with sensitive skin, and it is used successfully on insect bites to prevent itching.

Bacteriostatics and coagulants

Alum stone, through its bacteriostatic qualities, inhibits the proliferation of bacteria, which is often the cause of bad odors. In addition, its coagulating action helps stop light bleeding caused by cuts, even on the most fragile areas of the body.

Softening and hypoallergenic

The fabric softeners that we put in our washing machines can sometimes cause allergies. Alum is a 100% natural and hypoallergenic softener! Dissolved in water, alum has the same texture as clay. Sweetness, sweetness…

Alum stone with fire extinguisher

Alum Stone in all its forms

In stone (best option)

We find alum stone in polished blocks and sticks for all body uses: sunburn, irritations, cuts, lesions and razor burn, after-hair removal, canker sores, natural deodorant.

In powder

It is used like talcum powder for the feet, armpits, hands and private parts.

In spray

Easy to use, the alum stone spray is composed only of water and pure alum crystals. The water becomes saturated with alum crystal, so it has the same virtues as the alum stone stick. The sprayer acts by mechanical action. Thus, there are no CFCs, no propellant gases, or emissions of fine particles.

Where to find the Alum Stone?

It can be found in pharmacies and drugstores, but also in organic stores and online. As natural treatments are becoming more and more popular, it is quite easy to find them. Be careful of counterfeits though! Remember, real natural Alum stone is based on alunite taken from mineral quarries. On the other hand, fake alum stone contains ammonium salts obtained industrially by a chemical operation.

How much does an Alum Stone cost?

It all depends on its size! Let's say around 6 to 8 €.. Pretty super affordable, right? ;-)

Mr. BARBIER's tips and tricks on Alum Stone

  • To prevent the stone from disintegrating, do not let it soak in water, keep it in its original packaging away from humidity and especially not on the edge of your bathtub!
  • If you break your magic stone, collect the pieces and grind them into powder. Dissolve this powder in water then use this liquid as a deodorant. You can also put 2 pinches of powder in the white linen machines to restore their shine.

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