John Wick 3: summary of previous episodes

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So there you have it, John Wick, he's a former hitman played by Keanu Reeves . And he is always accompanied by a faithful four-legged companion, a bit like Monsieur Barbier and his dog Livio . If you haven't yet seen the first two parts of his adventures, subtly titled John Wick and John Wick 2 , there is still time for you to review this new classic of action cinema. And if you've already seen everything but forgotten everything about the plot (or if you don't have time to watch everything - or if you're lazy or just don't want to), here's a little recap to understand everything about John Wick 3 .

John Wick (2014)

Three Russian mobsters beat up a vague guy in a Mustang, steal his car and kill his young dog Daisy. But bad luck for them, their victim is John Wick, a retired hitman. And not just any assassin: THE best assassin in the universe. The brave John Wick (played by the equally brave Keanu Reeves) has just buried his wife. So I might as well tell you that finding himself a pedestrian and also having to bury his beagle (which had been given to him posthumously by his wife), it doesn't make him happy. As a result, he will bring out his guns and his badass outfit. History of putting the table back on the warpath.

Thus, revenge, alliances and betrayals follow one another. In an escalation of shootings and slaughter bounties, John Wick gets away with it, working in his own way against global overpopulation. Along the way, he makes a detour to the Hotel Continental, an establishment that is not well referenced on TripAdvisor. Reserved exclusively for assassins, it prohibits any form of assassination within it. It’s a sort of neutral ground for hitmen on the prowl, which we will find in John Wick 3

At the end of the film, John Wick killed everyone. He is seriously injured and is quickly treated in a veterinary clinic. Then he leaves with a pit bull. And he goes for a walk with a melancholy air, filled with the memory of his late wife.

John Wick 2 (2017)

Between John Wick 1 and John Wick 3 , a miracle of technology, there is... John Wick 2! And in this second episode of the saga, John Wick shows that he keeps his promises. He once swore to a former Italian associate that he would help him in times of need. However, the associate in question (Santino) needs John Wick. He has a troublesome sister (Gianna) and asks John Wick to kill her. So John Wick comes out of early retirement. And so he goes to Rome to face ultra-dangerous killers between two Costa cruises.

But he gets trapped by Santino. Once Gianna is murdered, Santino puts a contract on John Wick's head. This makes his New York retirement a little more complicated. He ends up finding Santino who is holed up in the Continental Hotel and who refuses to come out, the coward. Crumpled beyond reason, John Wick then commits the unthinkable, the irreparable. He kills Santino in the restaurant of the Continental Hotel, thus breaking the golden rule of the establishment. He must then get away to escape the consequences of his actions. Because the retaliatory measures of the Continental Hotel are hairy from velues.

John Wick Parabellum (2019)

John Wick 3 , aka "John Wick Parabellum", is guaranteed Paraben-free (like Monsieur Barbier products). At the end of the previous episode, John Wick broke the golden rule of the Continental Hotel. He killed inside the establishment. It's bad. Very bad. So here he is “excommunicated”, all services linked to the Continental are closed to him and a price is put on his head. Thus, John Wick finds himself without support, hunted by all the most dangerous killers in the world. So we're not going to lie: it's hot for his strawberry ...

“Whoever wants peace, prepare the beard”
(quote from John Barbier)

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