Sodium fluoride

You probably know this active ingredient as sodium fluoride, or even more simply as fluorine. It is very likely that you have already heard your dentist or oral hygiene professional tout the merits of fluoride, without really knowing why its use in toothpaste is highly recommended. Well don't worry, because your BARBER friend is here to help you. Fluoride is so important because it plays an essential role in preventing tooth decay. It is capable of limiting the demineralization of teeth, while promoting their mineralization. In addition, it reduces the prevalence of cavities thanks to its antiseptic effect. Finally, it stops the proliferation of bacteria in the oral environment by fighting against dental plaque. Whether you believe it or not, both children and adults are susceptible to developing tooth decay. So, you might as well protect yourself by using a fluoride-based toothpaste!

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In this approach, Monsieur BARBIER is one of the only brands for men to be members of COSMEBIO and subject to ECOCERT audits, for its Cosmos Nat labeled products. And all of our products are free from controversial ingredients, or ingredients of animal origin. Not even hurt ! Did you know that our Full Care oil was the first beard oil in the world to receive the Cosmos Nat label? In addition to being the first dry oil in its category, we will let you discover the benefits for yourselves.